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Craft CMS Training

Nobody's born knowing how to use a web content management system, except the personnel at Web Services, which is how they got their jobs to begin with.

Fortunately, Craft CMS is truly incredible in its usability, and after you've perused our training materials, we're confident you'll be ready to update your website in ways you might not have believed possible.

Logging in

Get your user ID set up and have a look around Craft!

Publishing Changes

Once you've put new stuff on your pages, you'll want to get it approved and published. Here's how!

Creating Pages

How to build and manage a page in Craft.

Working With Photos

There's more to it than just uploading any dang photo you feel like. Keep your file sizes small! Here's how to do it.

Organizing Your Uploads

Put your files where you can find them! And where they won't make other people's lives more difficult.