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Careers at OCU

Oklahoma City University’s applicant tracking system for all faculty, staff, temporary, and adjunct positions will transition to PageUp, our new platform, effective Monday, February 13. To support this transition process, the university’s career site will be unavailable starting Tuesday, January 31 through Monday, February 13.

Beginning Monday, February 13, we invite you to visit this page for job opportunities that align with your skills and interests and welcome you to apply via our new applicant tracking system, PageUp.  

Please note: If you previously applied to a position, you will receive direct outreach regarding your current application(s) if you have not already and your applicant materials will be transferred to the new system on your behalf. In the coming weeks, you will receive outreach from PageUp, the new system, with information regarding next steps to complete your new user profile.

Our Mission

Oklahoma City University prepares all learners to Create, Lead, and Serve.

We provide a diverse, inclusive culture committed to producing graduates who think critically and innovatively, communicate effectively, and use their knowledge and talents to make a local and global impact.


Oklahoma City University fosters a creative environment to work, learn, and live.

From the performing and fine arts to business, nursing and arts and sciences, we are a community of creativity. Faculty and staff help students pursue their passion and create their future.

  • Create: “I love being surrounded by and being a part of the creativity in the Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Entertainment. There is an energy and passion to our work space. During my time at OKCU, I have created as a choreographer, dance teacher, and costumer, but I also see my arts management work as creative. Arts and entertainment management provides the tools needed to reach audiences, communicate, and touch souls. It brings me joy to think that I am a part of a bigger picture.” —Melanie Shelley, Associate Dean
  • Create: “As a business owner and private contractor for more than 30 years, some would say there is no need to make a career change, but at 50 years old, I was given the opportunity to do just that. In 2008, I began working for OKCU facilities. In facilities, we work as a team to strive to create a well-maintained and secure campus so the students can better prepare for a future career. Working for OKCU helped me to realize that it is never too late to create a new career and passion for myself.” —Nick Schwarz, assistant director of facilities


Leadership and learning are synonymous at OCU.

You will find alumni in leadership positions in corporate boardrooms, behind the pulpit, on Broadway, in hospitals and in businesses around the world. Faculty and staff lead by example, paving the way for students and alumni to become leaders in their own communities.

  • Lead: “The open-mindedness, progressiveness, and diversity of this campus creates a welcoming culture of unity, cooperation, and care that enables me to lead meaningful and thought-provoking conversations on campus and in the professional community. Ultimately, these conversations will lead to positive societal change.” —Imad Enchassi, Endowed Professor of Islamic Studies
  • Lead: “Oklahoma City University has provided me with plentiful opportunities to lead. The community nurtures leadership potential in its students, faculty, and staff so that we can give back to our campus community and the greater Oklahoma City community. As a young professional, it means the world to me that my university invests in me and allows me ample opportunities to grow  as a person, as a professional, and as a leader.” —Levi J. Harrel, Director of Student Engagement


Service learning and servant leadership are core components of the OCU experience.

Our campus community honors the United Methodist tradition of scholarship and service.

  • Serve: “I remember how staff and faculty helped me when I was a student here back in the ’80s. The care from them touches my heart deeply, and that’s why I decided to come back to serve in IT. The personalized services that we provide impact the whole campus community, and I’m so proud to be one of the team members.” —Benjamin Chang, Director of Administrative Information Systems
  • Serve: “My mission is to serve our students here at OKCU by giving them the professional skills to be successful post-graduation. One of my favorites things is to hear from students that they landed their dream job! It reminds me that my duty to serve students is No. 1 and that I have made an impact on their lives.” —Kanika Brown, Career Service Coordinator
2019 Great Colleges to Work For - Recognized

Officially a Great College to Work For

This year OCU once again earned a spot on The Chronicle for Higher Education's list of Great Colleges to Work For.

... For quite a while now

Since The Chronicle began publishing the rankings in 2008, OCU has appeared on the list eight times!

Job Openings

Temporarily unavailable, check back on Monday, February 13.

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