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Extra Compensation for Twelve-Month Employees

Extra Compensation Policy for Twelve-Month Employees

Effective July 1, 2004, full-time staff members and faculty members on twelve-month appointments will not normally receive extra compensation beyond their contracted salary. Extra compensation for staff teaching an academic course will only be paid when the course is scheduled during a time other than the normal work schedule of the staff member. For example, if one's normal work schedule is Monday–Friday, 8am to 5pm, the course must be scheduled during the evening hours or on weekends to receive extra compensation. A staff member must take annual leave while teaching during one's normal work day to receive extra compensation for teaching a course.

Conversion from a Nine-Month Appointment to a Twelve-Month Appointment, and From a Twelve-Month Appointment to a Nine-Month Appointment

When converting from a nine-month appointment to a twelve-month appointment, the twelve-month salary is calculated by dividing the nine-month salary by nine, and then multiplying by twelve. When converting from a twelve-month appointment to a nine-month appointment, the nine-month salary is calculated by dividing the twelve-month salary by twelve, and then multiplying by nine.