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Position Profile

We seek a leader who is energetic, dedicated, creative, and fair, and who has a sincere appreciation for the spiritual values of many faith traditions, particularly of The United Methodist Church.  Reporting to the Board of Trustees, the President of Oklahoma City University will provide visionary leadership that builds on the traditions of its founders’ vision and its excellence in liberal arts, professional and graduate education.  The President is responsible for leading the University in the commitment to academic excellence and with a laser sharp focus on administrative priorities.  He or she will develop and strengthen new and existing relationships with industries, business, and community organizations throughout the Oklahoma City community and will cultivate and build new sources of funding and support for OCU. 

In the role of chief executive officer, the President supervises and evaluates key high-level administrators, including all vice presidents, and in collaboration with them oversees the day-to-day administration of the University.

In collaboration with the Provost and other cabinet-level administrators, the President oversees long-term planning, both institutional and academic, concentrating on innovation, sustainability and adjustment to external forces, including changing markets, the demands of accreditation and the evolution of the state and federal regulatory environment.

Internally, the President regularly interacts, formally and informally, with students, faculty, staff, friends and the alumni of the University to communicate important information and developments, build relationships across constituencies and learn from the experience of these constituencies.  The President will offer her/his time to maintain a high level of visibility internally and externally to create a social environment that is warm and inviting to current and future stakeholders.

  1. Provide a clear strategic direction and vision for the University that is inspiring and compelling to all constituents while promoting the goals, mission and values of the institution.
  2. Identify, understand and articulate OCU’s mission and values, both internally and externally; celebrating the University as a welcoming and inclusive community in which to learn, work and educate.
  3. Create partnerships with businesses and the greater OKC community to enhance awareness of the educational and cultural value offered by Oklahoma City University. 
  4. Promote the image of OCU as a private institution that is innovative, inclusive and student centered demonstrated through relevant curriculum and innovative programs. 
  5. Develop a strategy to examine the potential for program expansion that would serve the needs of the business community and the region.
  6. Work effectively with the Board of Trustees; facilitating its continued growth and commitment to the University through best practices and responsible governance.
  7. Understand and affirm the importance of shared governance which strives to maintain the delicate balance between faculty and staff participation in planning and decision-making processes and administrative accountability.
  8. Oversee expanded revenue growth most often accomplished through enrollment and program (product) expansion.  Ensure that there is a strategy for enrollment management and retention. 
  9. Support the continued focus on student support and success, both inside and outside the classroom.
  10. Lead the OCU community in making entrepreneurial and strategic decisions connected to budgetary priorities in a continued spirit of openness and transparency. Support and implement policy decisions that are the purview of the Board of Trustees; ensure sound fiscal and facilities management; ensure the adequacy of legal and risk management policies and programs to protect OCU University, its officers and Trustees.

The successful candidate will bring the following credentials and experience:

  1. A minimum of a master’s degree from an accredited institution; a terminal degree would distinguish the candidate.
  2. A record of senior leadership (minimum of 10 years) in an environment that promotes unity and a shared vision with internal and external stakeholders.
  3. Demonstrated ability to cast a vision that ignites sustained activity and excitement in and outside of the campus community about the unique education and contributions of OCU faculty, staff, students, and alumni.
  4. Comprehension of and commitment to sound fiscal strategies in the areas of operations, fundraising, and development.
  5. Demonstrated academic experience or transferrable skillsets amenable to implementing effective enrollment and retention strategies and championing relevant, effective program growth. 
  6. Excellent communication skills in small and large groups as well as in one-on-one communication with staff, faculty and students.
  7. Proven ability to work with multiple constituencies in a complex environment and a collaborative manner that demonstrates understanding, and conveys a sense of value for each constituent. Proven capability in developing strategies and assisting the leadership teams in the deployment of those strategies through tactical steps. Experience in effectively holding people accountable for achieving those objectives.
Opportunities and Challenges
  • The next president must focus on effective fundraising activities and have the skills to connect with long-time donors and to establish relationships with potential donors. Through these efforts the president will enhance the institution’s financial and donor support to enable long-term growth and success.
  • The president will provide the strategic direction and vision for Oklahoma City University with external groups — be the “face and voice” of the institution.
  • He or she will seek out opportunities to connect with others showing transparency with superior listening communication, analytical and interpersonal skills to engender meaningful conversations around difficult or controversial issues.
  • The president will promote an environment of trust through inclusion of diverse perspectives concerning complex and sensitive matters or major changes.
  • She or he will focus on strengthening faculty engagement by building and maintaining positive relationships with faculty through investing in faculty development initiatives as well as balancing faculty academics and administrative responsibilities. Encourage potential interdisciplinary collaborations to improve students’ experiences and academic outcomes.
  • Identify ways to highlight the value provided to the University by staff and faculty. Develop a recognition and reward system that demonstrates this appreciation and strengthens overall retention. Create a plan that addresses the infrastructure of the University so that technology and physical plant issues can be addressed. With senior staff and trustee input develop a strategy for building renovation and expansion.