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Top Finishes in Corporate Challenge

First Place Finishes
Foot GolfChris Cox, Mindy DeLone, Lindsey Marcus, John Slish
Men’s 4 X 100 relayAdan Viloria, Roland Garrett, Michael Croslin, Chris Cox
Men’s SoccerBrian Harvey, Nathan Doll, Russell Evans, Sam Hazewinkel
Rowing Simulation (erg)Mike Knopp, Joey Croslin, Tanner O’Connor, Monica Storozyszyn
Total Fitness ChallengeKelly Perry, Matt Stevens, Jessica Wilson, Michael Croslin
Women’s BasketballMegan Patel, Monica Storozyszyn, Joey Croslin, Emily Wilkinson
55-meter sprint (age divisions)Pam Melton
55-meter sprint (age divisions)Roland Garrett
Women’s mile run (age divisions)Jessica Wilson
Women’s mile run (age divisions)Melissa Cory
Women’s mile run (age divisions)Toni Adams
Men’s mile run (age divisions)Nathan Doll
5k (age divisions)Joey Croslin
5k (age divisions)Jacob Dearmon

Second Place Finishes
55-meter sprint (age divisions)Mark Britton
55-meter sprint (age divisions)Patti Biera
Men's mile run (age divisions)Rod Jones
5k (age divisions)Toni Bourlon
5k (age divisions)Toni Adams
5k (age divisions)Patti Biera
5k (age divisions)Ryan Barrett
5k (age divisions)Jacob Dearmon

Third Place Finishes
Co-ed Dodgeball Ryan Barrett, Michael Croslin, Rod Jones, Sarah Powers, Tammie Reggio, Sean Spencer, Monica Storozyszyn
Co-ed shuttle relayCo-ed shuttle relay Patti Biera, Roland Garrett, Charlie Monnot, Emily Wilkinson
Women’s SoccerLindsey Marcus, Kelly Perry, Patti Biera, Sarah Powers
10kAlice Wolf
55-meter sprint (age divisions)Toni Bourlon
Women’s mile run (age divisions)Judy Reyes-Henderson
Men’s mile run (age divisions)Paul Gebb
Men’s mile run (age divisions)Gerry Hunt
5k (age divisions)Sarah Powers
5k (age divisions)Paul Gebb
5k (age divisions)Brian Parsons