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OCU Fitness Challenges

2017 Ready Set Go! Challenge: Minutes

Team NameTeam Members
Keep Calm and Walk On (Minutes - 1st; Steps per team member - 1st)
Toni Adams, Tasha Loveless, Emily Wilkinson, Chuck Flint, Michelle Cook, Mindy Windholz, Levi Harrel, Kevin Windholz, Eric Heine, Betsy Hendrick, Zhuoyu Zhang
Bookin' It (Minutes - 2nd)Laurie Schneider, Kristen Burkholder, Anthony Edwards, Carissa Maben, Laci Bowers, Christina Wolf, Lee Webb
Walking on Sunshine (Steps per team member - 2nd)Meaghan Wheatley, Denise Flis, Chris Day, Katherine Villegas, Melvin Smith, Katy Orozco
Mission Slimpossible (Weight management - 1st) Amber Hicks, Maria Jones, Tammie Reggio, Nancy Letassy, Susan LaVictoire, Mark Britton, Niki Brooks, Rhaven Ross, Alyson Dent
Happy Hour (Weight management - 2nd)Sophia Snider, Angela Do, Mindy DeLone, Cassie Ball, Tory Doherty, Melissa Rice, Pam Bobier, Charles Monnot, Natasha Finney

2017 European Expedition Challenge 

Team Name Team Members
Virtual VacationersCarissa Maben, Lindsey Marcus, Candice Welch, Judy Reyes-Henderson, Betsy Hendrick, Clinton Campbell, Allison Rabon, Katie Perry, Maria Jones, Mark Britton, Chris Fisher

Trackin’ Treckers
Jennifer Minsberg, Mary Benner, Joey Croslin, Laci Bowers, Rachel Dickerson, Kelly Perry, Jennifer Minsberg, Cary Pirrong, Charles Monnot, Pete Serrata, Sophia Snider, Ashley Riddle
Between a Walk and a Hard PaceToni Adams, Amy McQuade, Emily Wilkinson, Check Flint, Tory Doherty, Christina Wolf, Dia Campbell-Detrixhe, Patricia Biera, Rosemary Howard, Elizabeth Horton-Ware, Kent Buchanan

2017 American Adventure Challenge 

Team NameTeam Members
Hollywood or BustToni Adams, Tasha Loveless, Michelle Cook, Mindy Windholz, Kelly Perry, Levi Harrel, Lindsey Marcus, Dia Campbell-Detrixhe, Rosemary Howard
Happy HourSophia Snider, Colbi Beam, Angela Do, Mindy DeLone, Cassie Ball, Mary Benner, Tory Doherty, Melissa Rice, Pam Bobier, Charles Monnot, Natasha Finney
Bookin’ ItLaurie Schneider, Emily Wilkinson, Kristen Burkholder, Anthony Edwards, Carissa Maben Laci Bowers, Rachel Dickerson, Lee Webb, Ashley Riddle

2017 Holiday Hustle Challenge 

Door Prize Winners: Maria Jones and Kelly Perry