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Authorized University Vehicle Operator

All operators of university owned, leased, rented, or loaned vehicles, including utility carts, and operators who utilize their personally owned vehicle (POV) in a capacity where they would rely on the university’s insurance policy in the event of an accident shall be Authorized University Vehicle Operators (AUVOs). The AUVO program is available to faculty, staff, students and university volunteers. To help select only well-qualified drivers, we will adhere to the following procedures:

  • All employees (including faculty and administration) whose duties may require them to operate an institution vehicle will have a current driver’s license, appropriate for the type of vehicle they will be driving. Operators of vehicles designed to carry more than 15 passengers shall have a Commercial driver’s license. The employee will provide a copy of their Oklahoma driver’s license, insurance, and motor vehicle record during the AUVO qualification process. Individuals must reapply every three years or upon request thereafter. Volunteer and student drivers shall present a valid license from any State. All of the required documentation shall be e-mailed to
  • We will allow only drivers with a good driving record to operate institution vehicles. A “good” driving record is defined as having 30% or less of the point level at which the driver’s license would be suspended under current state motor vehicle codes. In the State of Oklahoma points are assessed to the driving record of persons convicted of certain violation of the law, generally traffic violations. When your point total on your driving record reaches ten (10) or more points within a five (5) year period your license is suspended.
    • Note: On a case-by-case basis, this rule may be temporarily over-ridden by specific authorization of the University President or his or her designee. Such authorization must be in writing and will be maintained in the driver’s personnel file.
  • All department heads will certify the necessity of having each specific driver available to drive for their department. This certification will be completed in writing annually and will be maintained in the driver’s personnel file.
  • It is important for all drivers to recognize their responsibilities for operating a university vehicle in a safe and sober manner. We require each driver to sign a commitment statement in which he/she pledges to comply with all applicable federal, state and local regulations (including university polices) when operating a university vehicle.
  • Any student whose duties may require him/her to operate an institution vehicle will meet the same criteria as an employee driver. Specifically, the student will:

    • Be at least 18 years of age;
    • Have a minimum of two (2) years driving experience in the United States;
    • Possess a current driver’s license appropriate to the class of vehicle to be operated;
    • Have 30% or less of the points needed for license suspension in the state in which the vehicles are to be operated;
    • Sign the safe-driving commitment every three years;
    • Maintain at least a 2.5/4.0 GPA during the time when the student may be driving an institution vehicle. We will monitor the academic records of all students who may be assigned to drive an institution vehicle and any student driver with a GPA below 2.5 will be ineligible to drive until the student is able to maintain the required GPA.
  • AUVO Candidates shall participate in driver training. All AUVO candidates shall complete a defensive driver course. This course is available online, free of charge, by contacting Evangelina Simons at In addition, anyone anticipating the use of vans shall also complete a large van safety course, which is also available online by contacting Evangelina Simons. Individuals who have completed these courses through other sources need to supply copies of completion certificates to satisfy the training requirement.

Oklahoma City University Authorized University Vehicle Operator Application

Oklahoma Department of Public Safety Records Request