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Alumni Success

Shannon Rodenberg, Religion, 2010, Master of Divinity, Saint Paul at OCU, 2013

What are you doing now?

I am serving as the pastor of Fairland First United Methodist Church in Fairland, OK. I have also been commissioned to be a a Provisional Elder in The United Methodist Church.

Why did you choose to get your education from OCU?

I chose OCU because I wanted a school that would not only teach me curriculum but nurture me in life. The Wimberly School of Religion at OCU fulfilled both of those requirements. My time at OCU taught me how to think for myself and encouraged me to become a servant leader. Both of those things have served me well since then.

What was your experience in the classroom and on campus?

It was wonderful. The classes were engaging and the professors genuinely cared about me and wanted to know who I was so that they could help me grow even more. I had the opportunity to learn from amazing scholars who are passionate about their work and want to help students capture a little of that enthusiasm. As a student at OCU, you have so many experiences to broaden your horizons. I attended many events through the School of Religion that taught me about social justice and responsible living.

Do you feel like OCU prepared you well for your career? Does anything you learned specifically stick out to you?

Absolutely. I attended seminary at Saint Paul at OCU upon graduation. My education from OCU, specifically the School of Religion, prepared me to handle the magnitude of theological reading and writing that seminary demanded. Now, as a pastor, I am constantly drawing upon courses I took as an undergrad, especially the research from my senior research paper.