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Alumni Success

Trent Lawson: Bachelor of Fine Arts 2002

My name is Trent Lawson and I am a visual artist working in Oklahoma City. My current body of work involves humorous pop-culture inspired paintings on velvet. What I got out of my time at OCU is knack for experimentation and problem solving. The faculty, particularly Jack Davis and Bruce Macella, pushed individualism. They really wanted to bring out what specific potential and strengths I had and did not want to make me into something I am not. My work continues to be more authentic as a result.

Elsewhere on campus, my involvement with groups like Sigma Theta Epsilon (now Delta Alpha Chi) helped instill a sense of community and volunteerism which has greatly contributed to my career. As a result of volunteering in the community, I have gained various skills and increased my network of colleagues and potential customers.

Rumble Kong, by Trent Lawson
Self-Portrait With Monkey Tail, by Trent Lawson