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Willow Lopez

Willow Lopez portrait

Willow Lopez

Admissions Counselor
[email protected]
(405) 208-5357 (call or text)

Willow Lopez is an admissions counselor from South Oklahoma City. Willow has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Oklahoma. Willow finds joy in interpersonal connection and strives to help students find a place where they feel they belong. Outside of work, Willow values her downtime and staying in with friends and loved ones.

Willow Advice:

If you are unsure of your future in education, that is okay! By visiting campuses and getting involved, you'll start to discover what you want in a university and in your education. Once you are presented with information and opportunities- take advantage of everything. You never know how valuable a question might be. The future is unknown and unknowable and, so is your potential. So, try everything that interests you and give it your all to learn.

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