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Joe on Studying Abroad with OCU

What can a study abroad trip look like?

Joe spent the summer prior to the start of his junior year at Oklahoma City University studying abroad in Taipei, Taiwan, attending National Taiwan University. Joe was enrolled in the International Chinese Language Program at NTU, which included 20 hours of Chinese classes each week.

Studying Chinese is something Joe saw great value in as it relates to his career aspirations.

Fluency in the world's most spoken language, I believe, will be a great asset to my chosen career path. Currently, I am looking to pursue a career that is a hybrid of finance and diplomacy. With the major world powers being the United States and China, I see knowledge of the language and culture of both nations as very essential to my career.

What can you experience outside of the classroom while studying abroad?

When Joe wasn't in class or studying, he spent his time exploring Taiwan by going to the night market, seeing the sights, and hiking.

He believes his study abroad experience has left a positive and lasting impact on his perception of the world.

My world view has been broadened because of the Taiwan way of life. In Taiwan, the people are very generous, kind, and without discrimination. I remember this one time it was raining outside, and after playing soccer I had forgotten my keys in a friend's bag. A Taiwanese man gave me a ride and directed me to my friend's apartment. This is a way of life that I want to mimic and I truly believe everyone else should.

Are scholarships available to fund a study abroad trip?

Joe was able to fund his study abroad experience through scholarships he received. Joe was awarded the Boren National Security Education Program scholarship, which sponsors students up to a year of studying abroad, as well as the Gilman Scholarship.

Is studying abroad for everyone?

I would highly encourage every student to study abroad! I've always heard people say it is a life-changing experience, and now I see why. You learn to survive and truly embrace another culture. I strongly believe that anyone can fund their study abroad trip on scholarships, you just have to look! The funds are there waiting for you!