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Undergraduate Admissions

Transfer Admissions

Chris Kiefer

Assistant Director of Transfer and Military Admission
Phone: (405) 400-1485 (call or text)
Territory: Transfers with last names A-G, and Duncan nursing, Military, and RN-BSN students.

Chris' Advice: "Think about what you want to study, where you want to learn, who you want to learn from, and what you want your education to do for you after graduation. Then, run all of that by your advisors, professors, financial aid counselor, friends, and family. Don’t be a backseat driver in your education, but don’t miss out or make needless mistakes because you never asked!"

Olivia Melton

Transfer Admissions Specialist
Phone: (405) 838-1856 (call or text)
Territory: Transfers with last names H-Z, excluding Duncan nursing students and military.

Olivia's Advice: "Take advantage of all the resources and information colleges have to offer. Not everyone’s education goal is the same, so not all colleges will be the best fit for everyone. Apply for financial aid, meet with an advisor, and ask all the questions! Take a tour and talk with current students and faculty, and ask yourself if you feel at home. Then you will find exactly where you belong!"