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Nebula Society

Investing in the future of Oklahoma City University

At every great university, a special group of friends can be counted on to set an example for others by providing leadership and commitment to the mission of the institution. At OCU, that group is the Nebula Society.

The term "nebula" describe the material from which stars are formed. What better description for this generous group of donors whose investment in OCU is essential to creating stars from this generation of OCU students.

Each donor to the Nebula Society is investing not only in the future of the university but also in the future of hundreds of students. OCU has a proud tradition of scholarship and service. Gifts to the Nebula Society enable us to continue this tradition by offering vital support to President Robert Henry in leading OCU to continued academic excellence.

The Nebula Society: Meeting critical needs at OCU

Donors to the Nebula Society generously provide unrestricted gifts of $1,000 or more to the OCU Fund, which support the greatest priorities of the university. These priorities include awarding scholarships to deserving students, enriching our faculty, enhancing academic programs and providing the kind of facilities OCU students need to perfect the talents and practice the skills of their chosen fields. The Nebula Society enables students to change their lives and, in the process, change the world.

The Nebula Society also provides the university with the flexible resources that are often needed to meet unexpected challenges or take advantage of exciting opportunities. The availability of these important funds can often provide the margin of excellence to make Oklahoma City University the premier institution that our students and alumni expect and our times demand.

The Nebula Society: A special circle of friends

Nebula Society donors are invited and encouraged to become active in the life of Oklahoma City University. They receive all the benefits of President's Partners membership, including special communications and recognition at our annual Gala, at which we honor our donors for their partnership, trust, and friendship.

Nebula Society Platinum Level

$10,000 or more annually to the OCU Fund

Nebula Society Gold Level

$5,000 or more annually to the OCU Fund

Nebula Society Silver Level

$2,500 or more annually to the OCU Fund

Nebula Society Bronze Level

$1,000 or more annually to the OCU Fund

If you are interested in joining the Nebula Society, please contact Carrie Sauer, Director of Annual Giving, at 405-208-5873 or