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Senior Class Gift

Swap something small now for the future of OCU

As students, our expenses quickly add up and it's easy to feel like we don't have much to give. But imagine if we all skipped just one treat, or one night out, and chose instead to help the students that will come after us.

These suggested donation amounts are to get you thinking about what you might give up, just once, to make a lasting difference.

  • Cuppies and Joe coffee: $3.00
  • Ticket to a Main Stage Musical: $5.00
  • Cane’s Box Combo: $7.90
  • Uber to Bricktown: $9.00
  • Netflix subscription $11.00
  • Pair of student tickets for Harkins: $15.00
  • Game of laser tag for two at Brickopolis $18.00
  • Pepperoni Pizza from Empire: $21.00

If you contribute $18 or more, you'll receive a special blue and white tassel to wear at graduation!

Our gift, our choice

It's a tradition for graduating students to make a group donation, but each year we choose what we want to support. In February, seniors received an email poll to determine where our 2018 contributions should go and the General Endowed Scholarship Fund received the most votes. The money in an endowed fund is invested and only the interest earned is spent each year. This means that our gift will help make OCU affordable for deserving students in the future, forever!

Thank you

We are grateful for each donor for giving back so that our university can move forward. Special thanks to our volunteers, especially the committee leadership for 2017-18: Trae Trousdale, Oaklin Davis, Zac Zubia, and Shannon McKenrick.

Do you have questions? Would you like to serve on the Student Philanthropy Committee?

Please contact Carrie Sauer, Director of Annual Giving (405-208-5873), or Shannon McKenrick, 2017-18 Student Engagement Coordinator for Development.

Find us on Facebook! Twitter! Instagram! #SRclassgift18

What will you give up?