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1904 Loyalty Society

1904 Loyalty Society

We are excited to announce the 1904 Loyalty Society in recognition of the donors that have been giving for three or more consecutive years. Members are among a special group of more than 600 leaders whose annual gifts continue to create excellence and transform lives. Some of these leaders have been giving every year for over 40 years!

1904 Society members have a powerful impact on the success of Oklahoma City University. Collectively, their annual gifts influence the institution’s ability to meet emerging needs and create new opportunities for students. Annual gifts serve as the foundation of OCU’s growth.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication and commitment to our beloved university.

Donors qualify for membership upon their third consecutive fiscal year of making a gift. Gifts of any amount, to any area of the University are honored. A fiscal year runs from July 1 - June 30. For any questions regarding your giving history, please call the Office of Advancement at 405.208.7000.


Jim and Annetta Abbott Kay Goebel, PhD Charles and Stormy Moore
Angela Ables Steven and Carol Goetzinger Daniel and Andrea Morgan
Hyacinthe Aboudja Harry Goldman and Jettie Person Caleb and Beth Muckala
William and Leslie Ackerman James and Elizabeth Gondles Chris Purget and Christin Mugg
Michael Dale and Toni Adams Tony and Toni Gonzalez Gregory Mullen
David and Kathie Aelvoet Jeremiah Goodman Lloyd and Nancy Musselman
Steven C. Agee Judy Jo Gordon Carol Naifeh
Ed and Donna Alexander Kevin Gordon and Janice Matthews-Gordon Jeaneen Naifeh
Jenni Allen Vicki Gourley Vincent and Rose Nealey
Gene and Kay Allen Steven Graham and Vicky Kelly Norman and Harriet Neaves
Dody Allshouse Keith Grant Dolores Neustadt
Jack Anderson and Cheryl Parrott Kyle Graves Pam Newby
Jackson Anderson Barry and Anne Gray Penny Newman
John and Conny Andres Lydia Y. Green Robert and Vanmai Nguyen
Issei Aoyama Bob and Liza Greve Larry and Polly Nichols
Ed and Betty Apple Mark Griffin and Joy Pendley Ronald and Margaret Norick
Rita Aragon Barry and Renee Grissom Keri Norris and Ty Norris
Thomas and Allesan Armstrong Ruediger and Coni Guhl Marvin and Glenda Northcutt
Dan and Eleanor Armstrong Chief Justice Noma Gurich and Mr. John Miley Bishop and Mrs. James G. Nunn
Sue Ann Arnall James and Terressa Guzak Brian and Judy Overling
LuAnn Atkins Curtis H. Gwaltney, II Marion Paden
Brady Atomos Melissa Hakman Richard and Gayle Parry
Steven Aton Robert and Sue Hale Bill Paul
Jon and Janie Axton Josh Hall Todd and Margaret Pefferman
William and Dana Ayers Julia Carrington Hall Jerry and Charlette Perryman
Amy Ayres Joy Hammons James Peterson
Ray and Jannelle Babb Homer and Treva Hancock Ronald and Janet Petty
Angela E. Bachman Kim and David Hanigar Marsh and Debbie Pitman
Alicia Bailey Carol M. Hansen David Pitzer
Brian and Julia Bakeman Clarence and Jana Harkins Dennis Pollock
Jay Baker and Jennifer Heavner Baker Lori Harless Shanna L. Pope
Mary C. Baltierra Timothy and Courtney Harlin Paul and Bridget Poputa-Clean
Terry Baransy David and Aimee Harlow Ray and Pat Potts
Susan Barber and David Nagle Jane Harlow Jane E. Powell
Rachel C. Barnard Ashley Harness Steven Powell
David and Leta Barry Annette Harper Sarah Powers
Gene and Barbara Bartels Levi Harrel William Pratt
Hamden and Robyn Baskin M. A. and Marla Harrington Cheryl Price
Stan Basler Michael Harrington Stephen and Jennifer Prilliman
Jerry Bass Claude Harris Estherine Prince
Louise L. Bass Nick and Susan Harroz Kate Pritchett
David and Laura Beal James and Jean Hartsuck George Proctor and Nancy Dumoff
Lee and Sherry Beasley Robert and Sarah Haupt Jeffry and Julie Puryear
Donald and Paula Beck Jon Marshall Hausch Tom Quinn and Tommy Thompson
John Bedford and Jo Rowan Suzanne Hayden Lindsey M. Rames
Scott and Vicki Behenna Danny and Dana Heatly Dr. and Mrs. George Randall
Mary E. Beisel Jo Heidebrecht Steve and Julie Raney
Mark and Teena Belcik Erik Heine Thomas and Linda Ray
Mary Benner John and Melvena Heisch Sandra Raye
Dale Bennett Larry and Gay Hellman Mr. George Records
Blythe Benson Kat Herbison Hub and Rosa Reed
Chris Bentley Alan and Elisha Herndon Tammie Reggio
Eric and Leslie Berger Cheryl Hewett Betsy Replogle
Lilly Bermudez Amber Hicks Marvin and Linda Resnick
Susie Maxwell Berning Dodge and Lori Hill Judy Reyes-Henderson
Kevin Berry Jeffrey and Sharri Hiller Lucy Rhodes
Patti and Cindy Biera Harold Himes Melissa Rice
Stephen Bird Rita Himes Rick Rice
Steven and Diana Bittle Bill and Carolyn Hines Shannon L. Rich
David Black Tami Hines Liz Richardson
Lesley Black Tasha Hinex Charles and Piper Riddle
Richard and Pam Bobier James and Joan Hirnisey Douglas and Kelli Riddle
Ann L. Bohanon John and Donna Hodkinson John and Jessi Riesenberg
Ken and Gerry Bonds Donald and Carole Hoeft Darold and Ruby Ritchie
Jim and Joann Booher Jeanne Hoffman Smith Justin and Allison Robinson
Teddy and Sandy Bottger Dan and Sarah Hogan Stacy Robinson
Art and Breda Bova Billy and Nancy Holland Valerie D. Robinson
Dennis and Chris Box John and Claudia Holliman Shannon C. Rodenberg
Earl and Lisa Braaten John Holt William and Linda Rodgers
Emily Bradley Gary and Sue Homsey Eli Reshef and Edie Roodman
David Brahm and Karen Hunold J.R. and Patsy Homsey Tom and Leigh Rorschach
Ross Branton Myra J. Hoover Casey R. Ross
Mark L. Britton John and Linda Hopkins Bill and Lil Ross
Kathy Broad Jeremy and Megan Hornbeek Allen Linda Rosser and Ron McDaniel
Barbara Brou Mitchell and Scarlett Hort Joseph and Helen Rossney
Lee and Kanika Brown Elizabeth and Eric Horton-Ware Jim Roth and Phillip Koszarek
Tom Brown Carol Howard Edward Rousar
Bob and Karen Browne Taylor Howard Shannon and Scott Rowland
Doug and Rhonda Buckles Edward Shu-Ren Hsu Adam and Maranda Ryburn
Mr. P. Scott Buhlinger Eric and Kami Huddleston Ralph and Sandy Sallusti
Dusty and Ande Burchfield John & Janet Hudson John and Lois Salmeron
Doug Catterall and Kristen Burkholder Gerry Hunt Meg Salyer
Ralph Burns W. Thomas and Ann Hunziker Nick and Lora Samarripas
Bob Burns Robert Impellizzeri Kay Sandel
Bob and Denise Burton Jolene R. Ingram Gary and Carol Sander
Phil and Cathy Busey Ronnie and Shahnaaz Irani Paul and Kim Sanders
Stephen and Gabrielle Butler Garvin A. Isaacs, Jr. Shelley Sanders
Carol Byrd Thomas Isom Jesse and Carrie Sauer
Mr. Brian Byrne Donna Jackson Robert and Kathleen Sauers
Rod and Peggy Campbell Niles Jackson and Barbara Thornton Scott Savage
Steven and Vickey Cannady Mary Jardine Eddie and Rochelle Schafer
Pat Capra Brintha Jayapandian Steven and Linsey Schafer
Joe and Lori Carter Carol A. Jenkinson James Schmaelzle
Robert Carter and Kathleen Norris-Carter Larry and Karen Jennings Janet Schmitz
Carl and Donna Cartwright Dixie Jensen Charles and Jane Schneeberger
Dustin Loveless and Tasha Casey-Loveless Dennis and Cheree Jeter Edie Schneeberger and Gail Garloch
Dr. Amy Cataldi Bob and Gennie Johnson Laurie Schneider
Rosemary Cato Bill and Ann Johnstone Gerald and Milinda Schwab
Benjamin and Eno Chang Duane and Paula Jones Nick Schwarz
David and Adra Cheek Laurie L. Jones Debbie Seebeck-Watson and Cary Watson
James Chen Maria Jones John E. Shaw, Jr.
Jim Ditmars and Cathy Christensen Rod and Carly Jones Bill and Pam Shdeed
Delbert Clancy Tom Jones and Leslie Tregillus Jim and Melanie Shelley
James and Cheri Clark Bill and Stacy Junk Courtney and Elaine Shenkle
Janyce Sponhaltz Clark Susan Jurney Chris and Chastity Sherron
Nancy L. Coats-Ashley Paul and Debra Kammerlocher Dick Sias
Jeff Cochran Mary Lyle Kamp Jim and Kathleen Simmons
Thomas Conklin Rachel Kanady Roger and Barbara Simons
Linda S. Cook Yvonne Kauger Michael Slack and Renée Boone
Barbara Cooper Frank and Cathy Keating John Slish
Terri Cooper Mark and Gayla Kelly Alex Smith
Nicholas and Megan Cordle Scott and Angie Keneda Shelby and Adelaide Smith
Bill and Mary Ann Corum **Lou C. Kerr/The Kerr Foundation, Inc. Darrell and Margaret Smokewood
Melissa A. Cory David and Lori Key Kyron Smoot
Susan Cosby Andy Khader Chiew Huat Sng
Joe and Valerie Couch Chris Kiefer Johnny and Sophia Snider
Brian Cox John and Lisa Killingsworth Shauntae' Sourie
Chris Cox Sarah E. King Sarver Bob and Pam Spinks
Denney and Susan Crabaugh Maranda Kitchingham Richard and Kathleen St. Denis
Duane and Frieda Crabaugh Paul Klager Gary and Jean Stanlake
Wayne and Carmen Craney Mike and Tempe Knopp John and Laurie Stansbury
Brian Craven Kevin Kosch Sally and Jeff Starling
Joey Croslin Charles Kuzniar Ann K. Stearns
Meredith Crowder Robin Ladd Susanna M. Stefanek
Kevin Culbertson Linda Petree Lambert Irwin and Kelley Steinhorn
Trudi Cunningham Paul and Judy Lambert Reverend Craig Stinson and Dr. Krista Jones
Brad and Patricia Curtis Gabriel and Christina Lane Brent and Debi Stockwell
Susan C. Curtiss William and Catherine Lange James Stough
Carolyn Cuskey Duane Langley and Carole Langley Phyllis J. Stough
Paula J. Dalley Timothy and Linda Larason Jan E. Stovall
Joe and Vickey Dancy Dan and Phyllis Larson Nancy M. Strecker
Jim and Mickey Daniels Gary and Dana Laverty Robert Strunin and Loren Dubin
Mark and Jackie Darrah Benny Lawson Rachel Suggs
Scott Davidson Pat and Kimberli Layden Denise and Scott Sullivan
Oren Davis Mary and Bill Layton John and Stacy Sullivan
David and Suzanne Davison Janet Leadbetter Karilyn Ashley Surratt
Richard Wansley and Meredith Davison Ted and Anne Ledbetter Frances and Peter Swenson
Christopher and Alecia Day Lyndon Lee Victoria K. Swinney
Kyle Dean Art and Betsy LeFrancois Richard and Glenna Tanenbaum
Al and Rita Dearmon Cathy Leichter Marvona Easley Tavlin and Michael Tavlin
Michael Decker Jan Lemons Clayton and Marnie Taylor
Karen R. Delaney Rodney and Mindy Lemons Jessica Telfer
Lisa Delgado Brown Harrison and Elaine Levy Judson and Helen Temple
Mrs. Mindy DeLone Lacey Lewey Bryan Tener
Patricia R. Demps Diane Lewis Cullen and Bonnie Thomas
Megan Dernaika Bob and Kay Lewis David and Jane Thompson
Richard DeVore Tan Sri Dr Lim Wee Chai Leroy Thompson
Courtney DiBello Darren and Jenee Lister Jack and Ann Thompson
Elizabeth Diener and Janet Handwerk Dilin Liu Sandra Thompson
Steve and Ann DiNovis Cene' Livingston Cary and Lillian Threat
Brett Dixon Donald Wheeler and Leslie Long James and Elizabeth Tolbert
Tim and Melissa Dixon John and Sara Loss Bethany Toombs
Angela Do George Loughran Cindy S. Treadway
Robert Doenges Dan Burdette and Janis Love George and Shirley Huber-Smith Trotter
Robert Dorman Tom and Judy Love Mac Troy and Carol Wilkinson Troy
Russell and Sandra Doty Tye Love Hue Kim and Phung Kim Tu
George and Paula Drew Claudine Schwetke Loyd Linda Tucker
Walt and Ann-Clore Duncan Rob and Karen Luke Pam Tucker
Dale and Donna Durnell Ruth Lytle-Barnaby and Jim Barnaby Jocelyn B. Tupper
Dave Easley Aixin James Ma Jeff and Valerie Underwood
Larry Eberhardt Carissa Maben Nancy J. Van Antwerp
Edward and Debra Eckhart Jason and Carly Maderer Cassandra Van Houten
Carl and Susan Edwards Joan S. Maguire Doug and Kamee Van Meter
Mrs. Carla Ellis Charles Mahaffey Lindsey J. Vanhooser Sherwood
Robert and Nancy Ellis Timothy and Carrie Mann Jerry and Melinda Vannatta
Brand and Sue Elverston April Marciszewski Seth Vannatta
Donald and Suzanne Emler Robert and Marty Margo John and Susan Vas
Matthew and Jill Epperson Peter and Kris Markes John D. and Ginger L. Veal
Barbara L. Eskridge Sylvia Marks-Barnett Ravi Venkateswaran
Russell Evans Jose and Cherry Marquez Kat Villegas
Tricia Everest James T. Martin, Jr. Randi Von Ellefson
Irving and Sandy Faught Paige Martin Earle and Margaret Wagner
Jessica A. Fay Ron and Susan Martin William Wakeham and Patsy Glover-Wakeham
Brad and Celine Ferguson Mrs. Jean Massengale Linda and Robert Walker
Christopher and Jacqueline Fiegel Jeffrey and Gail Maucere Joseph and Cynthia Walkowski
Christine Fisher Philelle E. McBrayer Kyle Wallace
Melinda Fitzgerald Michael and Linda McCabe David Walls
Beth Fleming Don and Virginia McCombs Bill Wantland
Paul and Debbie Fleming Mark and Ashley McCormick Ann Ward
Robert and Suzan Flipping Carolyn McCoy Travis and Tiffany Warford
Tracy A. Floreani Thomas and Linda McCoy Janelle Warlick
Jason and Marisa Flores Jan and Catherine McDaniel Lee Webb and Lisa Wood
Timothy Foley Tom and Brenda McDaniel Jason and Audra West
David Foose Mrs. Meaghan McEwen Joshua and Crystal Westmoreland
Jason Foreman Leroy Ball and Patricia McGarrity Jane F. Wheeler
Jason and Christina Foster Larry and Rozia Foster Joe and Lynda Wheeler
Robert Fox Debbie McKinney David White
Vicki Francois and Adriana Rodriguez Byron McKinnon Patty A. Whitecotton
Bill and Kris Frankfurt David and Jean McLaughlin Fred and Margaret Whittet
Mary Y. Frates Paul and Jonalee McLaughlin Ms. Linda Whittington
Chester and Anita Frazier Burrel and Jo Ann McNaught Chuck and Renate Wiggin
Jessica A. French Brian and Amy McQuade Tony Fitch and Leslie Wileman
Toni D. Frioux, DNP, APRN-CNP, FNP-C John and Eva McRee Ashlie and Larry Wilhelm
Mike and Elaine Frizzell Phil McSpadden Laura Wilhelm
Cheryl Frutchey Debra A. McVay Kevin and Emily Wilkinson
Thomas Fugard Maytha Mead Chesley Williams
Sam and Suzanne Fulkerson Bill Mee John Michael and Kathy Williams
Justin Funk Herman and LaDonna Meinders Kelly Williams and Weston McCann
Mark and Beverly Funke Joe Meinhart Bob and Karen Williams
William Scott Gallagher Pam Melson Drew and Lizette Williamson
Gerald Gamble and Jane Jayroe Gamble Paul and Lou Anne Mercer David Wilson
Brett Gardner John Meyer and Jennifer Love Meyer Trey and Addison Witzel
John and Ellen Garhart Becky Meyer Craig and Christina Wolf
Linda Garrett Ann Michael Michael and Betty Wolf
Timothy Gatton Paul and Nancy Michalik Lisa Wolfe and Fred Mischler
Paul Gebb Clinton and Amanda Miles James Wilson and Charlotte Wood-Wilson
Rita I. Geiger Joel and Nikki Miliband Paul and Linda Woody
Pete Gelvin Jason and Kristin Miller Anne Workman
Philip and Leanna Geyer Maudie Miller and Mike Hicks Hub Worrell
Andy Gibson George Milner Vanessa F. Wright
Gilbert and Alena Gibson Brian and Patti Minietta Erin Yarbrough
Michael Gibson Robert and Charlotte Mitchell Donna W. Yee
Robert Gilliland and Ann Felton Gilliland Kim Mizar Karen Youmans
Ms. Mary Gilmore Caffrey Jo Beth Moad Cheryl Young
Joan Gilmore Charlie Monnot Duren Zhang
Randy Gipson-Black Kelly Monroe Anvar Zhumagazin
Sarah J. Glick, Esq. Mr. Aaron Mooney Victor Zuniga
Scott Goddard Andrea Moore Doug and Jackie Zwolski
Curtis and Judy Goddard Rita King Moore