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Endowed Academic Positions

Arts & Sciences

Webster Lance Benham Endowed Memorial Professorship
Professorship held by Kourosh Tavakoli

Katherine and Mary Clary Chair of Creative Writing
Chair held by Rob Roensch

Darbeth Whitten Endowed Chair in History
Chair held by Richard Johnson

Dr. Johnny A. Blue Endowed History Chair
Chair held by Richard Johnson

OUMF - Eleanor Lou Carrithers Chair in Composition & Writing  
Chair holder to be named


American Floral Services Endowed Chair in Marketing
Established in 1987 by Herman and LaDonna Meinders. Dr. Michael Williams, Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing, currently serves as the American Floral Services Chair in Marketing.

B.C. Clark, Jr. Chair in the Meinders School of Business
Established in 2009 through a bequest from Mr. Clark’s late wife, Jeroldine Zachritz Clark. The chair recognizes members of the Meinders School of Business faculty who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and research and who have attained a recognized level of accomplishment within their academic discipline. Dr. Meredith Wegener, Director of Energy Programs and Associate Professor of Legal Studies, currently serves as the B.C. Clark, Jr. Chair in Legal Studies and Dr. Jonathan Willner, Professor of Economics, currently holds the B.C. Clark, Jr. Chair in Economics.

Burwell Endowed Chair in the Meinders School of Business
Established in 1962 through the estate of James Burwell of Oklahoma City. Dr. James Ma, Associate Professor of Finance, currently holds the James Burwell Chair in Finance.

C.R. Anthony Endowed Chair in Competitive Enterprise
Established in 1980 by members of the C.R. Anthony family, the C.R. Anthony Company, and business associates in memory of Mr. C.R. Anthony of Oklahoma City. Dr. Robert Greve, Assistant Dean and Associate Professor of Information Technology currently holds the C.R. Anthony Chair in Competitive Enterprise. 

Dr. Henry James Freede Chair in Teaching Excellence in Business Administration
Established in 1999 to memorialize the belief in the value of education expressed by the late Dr. Freede and to insure his vision of commitment to the highest ideals and teaching standards is promoted in the Meinders School of Business. Dr. Jacob Dearmon, Professor of Economics, and Dr. Evan Shough, Associate Professor of Accounting, currently hold the Dr. Henry James Freede Chairs in Teaching Excellence.

Norick Brothers’ Distinguished Professor of Marketing Chair
Honors both the Norick family, with its rich tradition of service and philanthropy to the Oklahoma City community and the firm which bears its name. Dr. Nicholas Jason Flores, Associate Professor of Marketing, currently serves as the Norick Brothers’ Distinguished Professor of Marketing Chair.

T.K. Hendrick Endowed Chair in Marketing and Management
Established in 1987 as a gift from T.K. Hendrick and the Hadson Petroleum Corporation to attract and retain superior faculty members in the Meinders School of Business. Dr. James Guzak, Associate Professor of Management, and Dr. Carol Howard, Associate Professor of International Business, currently serve as the T.K. Hendrick Endowed Chairs in Marketing and Management.


Judge Robert Henry Endowed Chair 
Chair holder to be named


Kerr Constitutional Endowed Law Chair
Chair held by Andrew C. Spiropoulos

Robert S. Kerr, Jr. Natural Resources/Environmental Law Chair
Chair held by Shannon Roesler

Law Dean Position Endowment
Dean Valerie K. Couch

Law School Energy Endowment
Recipient to be named

Charles Nesbitt Awards Endowment
Recipient to be named

Norman & Edem Endowed Professorship
Professorship held by Valerie K. Couch

Sylvanus Felix Professor of Tax Law
Professorship held by Edward C. Lyons


Wanda L. Bass Music Education Chair
Chair held by Lani Garner

Wanda L. Bass Organ Endowed Chair
Chair held by Melissa Plamann

Florence Birdwell Endowed Chair
Chair holder to be named

Busey Education Chair
Chair held by Michael Raiber

Ann Hundley Hoover Endowed Chair
Chair held by Mark Parker


Nursing Dean's Endowed Chair
Chair held by Lois Salmeron


Ollie & Claude Bell Endowed Professorship in Church History
Professorship held by John Starkey

Endowed Chair in Islamic Studies
Chair held by Imad Enchassi

Vernon V. Harris Endowed Chair in Christian Education
Chair held by Leslie Long

Paul W. Milhouse Endowed Religion Professorship
Chair held by John Starkey

Oakerhater Pendleton Endowed Chair in American Indian Studies
Chair holder to be named

OUMF - Old Testament Endowed Chair
Chair held by Lisa Wolfe

Margaret K. Replogle Endowed Religion Professorship
Professorship held by Sharon Betsworth

Francis Riley and Martha Washington Riley Endowed Chair in Religion
Chair held by Sharon Betsworth

Don Schooler Memorial Endowed Professorship
Professorship held by Lisa Wolfe

Owen & Vivian Wimberly Endowed Professorship in Christian Thought
Professorship held by Mark Davies

Wimberly Endowed Chair for Professor of Religion and Ethics/Dean for the School of Religion
Professorship held by Mark Davies and Sharon Betsworth