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Oklahoma City University - Campus Campaign

Campus Campaign is OCU’s annual employee fundraising appeal. The 2023 campaign began on March 27 and concluded April 27. OCU employees increased their participation to 60% this year—a strong showing of support that signals to other donors that we believe in our students and in the university.

Although the campaign has concluded, employees can give any time in a variety of ways. All types and sizes of gifts make a difference in helping students and OCU flourish. The Office of University Advancement is always happy to answer any questions. You may reach the Direct of Annual Giving and Digital Engagement at 405-208-5429 or University Advancement at 405-208-7000 and [email protected].

Each year, there are many ways to participate in Campus Campaign:

Download a PDF contribution form

Give with your credit or debit card online

Give by setting up a payroll deduction

Campus Campaign Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I give?

In addition to your daily contributions of energy and effort, a financial contribution is a different and important way to demonstrate your investment in Oklahoma City University and its students.

As faculty and staff members, we have the privilege of working closely with our Stars. Campus Campaign allows us the opportunity to show that we believe in our students’ potential. As you may know, OCU does not receive government support, and tuition does not cover the entire cost to educate a student. Private gifts help make up the difference.

A high faculty/staff giving percentage is an endorsement by employees that the university is a worthy place to work for and deserving of their financial investment. It is an invaluable signal to other potential donors. Faculty and staff participation also plays a pivotal role in securing grant funding, improving national rankings and the university's overall reputation!

Where is my gift most needed?

Employees are encouraged to give unrestricted to the OCU Fund. Unrestricted funding allows the university to be adaptive, to meet unexpected challenges, and to take advantage of new opportunities. A large portion of the OCU Fund enhances our budget by providing institutional scholarships to qualified students — awarding them a lower cost to attend OCU.

The OCU Fund is also used for facility repairs, providing special opportunities such as master classes for students and covering other unexpected expenses that can’t be budgeted for a year in advance. President Evans hopes to invest more in educational technology and employee retention.

Can I give to something specific?

Yes! Please contact Jo Heidebrecht in University Advancement at 405-208-5818 if you need help finding the exact name of a particular fund. 100% of your gift will go to the fund you choose to support.

What are my payment options?

Online forms

ThiS form is securely encrypted to keep your information safe.

Paper form

Download this PDF if you would like to hand-deliver your pledge to the Office of University Advancement. The paper form can be used for these gift types:

  • Cash or money order
  • Check made payable to Oklahoma City University
  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover
  • Payroll deduction


Please contact the Office of University Advancement at 405-208-7000 or [email protected] to discuss any of the following donation options:

  • Gifts-in-Kind (items or services)
  • Stock
  • Life insurance policies
  • Automatic bank draft (ACH)

How does payroll deduction work?

Payroll deduction for 2023 Campus Campaign pledges will begin when the new fiscal year starts in July 2023. You might be currently paying on your pledge for last year, but that does not count as participating in this year's campaign. We hope you will make a new pledge for the upcoming year. Many OCU employees choose to give continuously so their pledge is automatically renewed each year.

The time period of your pledge is up to you. For example, if you are paid bi-weekly and want to make a gift of $120. You could give $5 per pay period for one year, or $10 per pay period for 6 months or $60 per pay period for one month, etc.

Because of the staff time involved in processing payroll gifts, we ask that they are a minimum of $60 per year.

Please note that even in months that have three bi-weekly pay periods, your gift will only be deducted twice, so the maximum deductions are 24 per fiscal year (not 26).

You can update or stop your payroll deductions at any time by contacting University Advancement at 405-208-7000 or [email protected].

My spouse/partner works for a company that matches gifts. How do I submit the paperwork?

Matching gifts can double or even triple your gift! Visit this page to see if your spouse's/partner's company matches.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes. OCU is recognized as a nonprofit organization under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. If you give online, you will receive an email confirmation for tax purposes. Donors who mail a contribution with a check, cash or credit card information will receive a receipt within a few business days. Donors who contribute by payroll deduction will receive one receipt for all of 2023 by Jan. 31, 2024.

Is my gift confidential?

Your participation is shared with volunteer Campus Campaign Ambassadors so that we can celebrate when your department reaches your participation goal. However, we do not provide information about the amount or designation of your gift.

What difference could a small gift make?

Each gift — no matter how big or how small — is important because it increases our participation rate. Whatever amount, your gift shows that you believe in the fund you have chosen to support. There are many funds that receive a large number of “small” gifts, and those really add up!

A high faculty/staff giving percentage is an endorsement by employees that the university is a worthy place to work for and deserving of their financial investment. It is an invaluable signal to other potential donors. Faculty and staff participation also plays a pivotal role in securing grant funding and enhancing the university's overall reputation!

How long will this campaign run?

Please submit your gift or pledge by April 27 to be counted as a 2023 Campus Campaign participant. Payroll deduction will begin with the new fiscal year in July 2023. You are welcome to make a gift to OCU at any time.

Will my Giving Day contribution count toward Campus Campaign?

Yes! All employee gifts made to Campus Campaign before April 27 will count toward OCU's Giving Day goals.

Thank you for supporting Campus Campaign!