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Giving Update

Updated: 10/5/16

September 7, 2016

So far, I have received 5 pledges totaling $3.20/mile, and flat donations from 6 individuals for $1260. My goal is to raise $50,000 for this scholarship, so I still have lots of work to do. My 12-hour run is in 45 days, so there's still time to contribute. If you don't think something like 10¢/mile makes a difference, let me assure you that it does. October 22 is going to be a great day!

October 5, 2016

To date, I have received 14 donations totaling $3085, and 8 pledges totaling $4.45/mile. I have a ways to go to get to $50,000, so I need your help. Please share what I'm doing with anyone who may be interested. I'm going to do my best to give a performance that will make everyone proud, and am feeling confident. I need your support, both financial and emotional on race day (in person, if possible). Let's make something special happen together for our OCU students!

October 19, 2016

As of October 19, I have received $3775 from 19 donors, and $27.75/mile in pledges from 27 donors. I really need your help to get to $50,000 for this endowed scholarship. The stated goal for me is to run 50 miles, but I know I can do more. Will you give me that incentive––when I'm tired, sweaty, hungry, broken––to keep going? Can I make every mile worth $500? It's about what you and I can do to help the students of the Wanda L. Bass School of Music. Let's do something great together!

A special thanks to all of our donors!