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Deb Heine Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was inspired by Erik's late mother, Deb Heine. 

"My mom was the person who first got me into music," Erik says, "starting on the piano at age 5, various youth choirs, handbells, oboe, and percussion. We used to listen to the classical radio station in Chicago (WFMT) and play 'guess the composer' when I was in high school. Only later did I find out that was something that doctoral students were expected to do.

"When I was a struggling chemistry major in my sophomore year of college, she and my dad were fully supportive of my change in major to music. What could have been a contentious period in my life became a very smooth transition. Her support of both the academic side of music and the performance side helped shape me into the person I am today, and I want to honor her through this."


The scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student who:

  • Is a music major (BA, BM, or BME),
  • Has completed at least five semesters in residence at OCU, and
  • Has at least one semester remaining.

The scholarship will assist in defraying the costs of tuition and/or fees for the student, and is intended to serve as encouragement for maintaining a high level of academic achievement in addition to strong performance skills.