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Amanda Lilley

Amanda Lilley

Amanda Lilley,'14
OCU School of Law Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies and Political Science
Master of Liberal Arts in Management & Leadership

As a child in Southeast Texas, she and her younger sister would spin a large antenna to catch old black and white episodes of Perry Mason. She imagined defending the innocent and defenseless. Her first attempt was after seeing the elderly owner sitting outside with a picket sign trying to bring attention to his fast failing store. She wrote a letter to the editor of her local newspaper to defend the small business owner that was losing business because of a wealthy man. After receiving a response from the store owner through the newspaper, she knew she wanted to make a career helping stand up for people who needed a voice.

Amanda attended Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas for her undergraduate degree in Political Science, as a first generation college student. She then attended Oklahoma City University School of Law, committing to attend, sight unseen. Amanda was terrified to be moving to a large city in a new state and to be living alone for the first time. However, she states that OCU Law was very welcoming to students and that despite how difficult law school was, attending OCU Law was the absolute best decision she has ever made.

Since graduation, Amanda has worked with Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma in the Stillwater office, handling mostly family law and landlord/ tenant cases. She is currently the lead attorney in her office and is the co-coordinator for the statewide Legal Aid Domestic Violence team. To combat the stress of difficult work days, she recently started painting. Her watercolors have been displayed in several galleries in both Oklahoma and Texas and have been purchased by art enthusiasts in 5 states. They can be viewed on Facebook or Instagram under "Simply Lilley."

In addition to work, Amanda serves as a board member for the Payne and Logan County CASA for Kids. This year, as the fundraising committee chair, she helped organize and host a fundraising gala that raised over $135k, an increase of over $40k from the 2019 gala. She is also an active member in the Payne County Bar, having served as the President and Law Day chair. She will be graduating from the Oklahoma Bar Association Leadership Academy as a member of the 2019-2020 class.

When Amanda is not volunteering, working, or painting, you can find her traveling or spending time with her two pets, a yellow tabby, Zorro, and a German shepherd, Scarlett.