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Nash Carey

Nash Carey, '19
OCU Wimberly School of Religion
Bachelor of Arts in Religion & Philosophy

Nash Carey, a Religion/Philosophy double major, graduated in December 2019 and began study at the Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa in January 2020. Nash’s journey to the OCU Wimberly School of Religion and now Seminary has been somewhat unconventional. Nash is a 100% disabled PTSD combat veteran who first deployed to Iraq to serve as a Combat Air Traffic Controller. After returning from Iraq, Nash decided to attend OCU to pursue a legal degree to assist him in advocating for the continued separation of Church/State, but his OCU journey led him to Religion/Philosophy to further his passion from a religious context as opposed to a legal one.

While in Seminary, Nash plans to start an online ministry called AlphaNerds. Nash is hoping to find those who feel socially disconnected and to try and begin a social/spiritual rehabilitation in the convenience and needed comfort cyberspace can offer. Nash also hopes AlphaNerds will remind those disinherited, socially disconnected that they are valuable. Because of his own experiences as a child and his more recent Asperger’s diagnosis, Nash hopes to empower the disempowered. Future plans include building enough financial capital to grow the online ministry to include a physical church somewhere in a place such as Stillwater.

Nash and his wife have four children together: stepdaughter Arabella Linn, daughter Taylor, stepson Jory, and daughter Oena Maya. The family also includes a golden retriever named Hanna. If you are interested in hearing more about Nash’s journey, and Hanna the Golden Retriever!, check out this video from his Chapel sermon/testimony in September 2019.