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Alumni Success

The OCU Biology Department is fortunate to have tons of amazingly talented and successful alumni. Check out a few of our alumni stories below.

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Abbey Renner, BMED Class of 2019 and medical student at Oklahoma State University College of Medicine

"I am incredibly thankful for the education I received at OCU as it has allowed me to continue to pursue my dreams of becoming a physician. Specifically, the OCU biology department helped me to develop a strong foundation in the biological sciences that I have been able to further build upon to increase the depth of my biological, physiological, and biochemical knowledge. If I could offer any advice to current students, it would be to take full advantage of the opportunities OCU provides you with. Study hard and then study some more because the knowledge you are learning now will serve you more than you know in the future!"

Jordan Pierce, CELL Class of 2015

"After my undergraduate years at OCU, I attended dental school and graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry with my Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in May of 2020 (yes, I am a COVID-19 grad!). Currently, I am in residency at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry to become a periodontist.

My time at OCU was a huge part of me growing into a young adult. Along with leadership roles in my fraternity and other extracurricular activities, my time spent in lab and in class with my biology professors and cohort gave me a solid background in science and built my work ethic to help me excel in graduate school. The wholistic experience I had at OCU made me a well-rounded person. For that, I am most thankful. Whatever your intended career or future goals may be, always make time for relationships and look to make meaningful connections with those around you. Those are the things that last!"

Breann Richey, BMED Class of 2018

“After graduating from OCU I began a PhD program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Texas A&M University. My time at OCU could not have prepared me any better for graduate school. I had the unique opportunity to conduct research/do field work, either in class or outside of it, with every single Biology professor on campus. This is the kind of opportunity that I just don't believe exists outside of OCU and I am so, so grateful for every moment I spent here! I would encourage future students to take advantage of the incredible one-on-one opportunities available at OCU because these experiences are so uncommon in academia. To be able to work with top-notch professors who are personally invested in your success is a unique and incredible opportunity. I will forever be grateful for the time and mentorship I received at OCU!”

Paige Eberle, CELL Class of 2019

“I am currently working towards a PhD in Human Genetics at the University of Utah where I am a member of the Leffler Lab studying malaria resistance in primates. Throughout my time at OCU, I gained invaluable research experience that strongly prepared me for entering into a PhD program because I was familiar with the trials and successes of working in research. I also know that the support and encouragement from the faculty at OCU greatly helped me get to where I am today. My advice for any current or future students is to get to know your faculty and also know that your experiences are worth more than your GPA.”

Karla Rios, BIOL Class of 2010

"I am currently in my second year of dental practice. I graduated OCU in 2010 with a BS in Biology and from the OU College of Dentistry in 2019. I really enjoyed my learning experience at OCU as a whole. The smaller class sizes was one of my favorite aspects, it made it easier for me to connect with other students and with my professors. My core professors were encouraging, easy to talk to, and invested in my education and success; they taught me so much more than the material at hand and made learning fun. I graduated OCU with a strong foundation that has supported me through higher education and life."

Destiny Wheeler, BMED Class of 2018

“I began OCU's PA Program right out of undergrad and have loved every moment of it. The second half of PA school is considered the clinical phase so I have spent this past year all over Oklahoma studying the different fields of medicine. I will be completing the program in May of 2021 and will begin working as soon as possible. I truly believe I have succeeded in PA school because of the education I received through OCU's undergraduate program. From the professors, to the course work, to the extracurriculars I strongly believe there is no better place to be than OCU. Everyone is cheering you on for success and it truly becomes your home away from home. I will forever be grateful for OCU's biology department and all they have done for me. My advice to any future students would be to really look into the schools that you feel are going to invest in you as a person. There is more to a pre-med applicant than grades and I promise OCU is willing to invest in you.”

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