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Recommended OCU Degree:

Cell and Molecular Biology (B.S.)


  • Biology* - 16 credit hours
  • Gen Chem I and II*
  • Org Chem I and II*
  • Biochemistry*
  • Physics I and II
  • Psychology
  • At least 100 hours of observation

*Appears on DAT, taken after Junior year. Click here for DAT info.

DAT Recommendations

  • Take as much Biology as possible, including Micro, Genetics, and Biochem.
  • Physics could be taken Senior Year

Dental Schools in Oklahoma

OU College of Dentistry (OU Health Science Center)

Preparation for Dental School

Oklahoma has only one Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) program, which is offered by the College of Dentistry at the University of Oklahoma. Prospective applicants should familiarize themselves with the admission requirements and process. The OU College of Dentistry has a very complete and informative website located at OU Doctor of Dental Surgery

The information below summarizes the admissions requirments and course prerequisites. All prerequisite courses can be completed at Oklahoma City University. Your faculty advisor can assist with any questions.

The Basic Admission Requirements

  1. Minimum of 60 credit hours of coursework from any accredited college or university.
  2. Minimum GPA of 2.0 (4.0 scale) for all college work attempted.
  3. Be in good standing with the college or university where enrolled.

The Basic Admission Requirements Explained

Nearly all applicants will have a much higher GPA and many will be senior level undergraduates or will have already completed a Bachelor's degree. The OU College of Dentistry only admits 60 students each year. The selection process is extremely competitive!

Prerequisite Courses (OCU Course Numbers)

English Composition I and II (ENGL 1113 + ENGL 1213)
Introductory Psychology (PSYC 1113)
Fundamentals of Biology (BIOL 1214)
At least one additional 4 CH course in biology with lab
General Chemistry I with lab (CHEM 1104 + CHEM 1141)
General Chemistry II with lab (CHEM 1204 + CHEM 1241)
Organic Chemistry I with lab (CHEM 3103 + 3141)
Organic Chemistry II with lab (CHEM 3203 + CHEM 3241)
General Physics I with lab (PHYS 1503 + PHYS 1541)
Generall Physics II with lab (PHYS 1603 + PHYS 1641)

Advanced studies in the biological sciences are strongly recommended.

A minimum grade of "C" is required in each prerequisite course.

Other Requirements

  1. Take the American Dental Association Admission Test (DAT)
  2. Two letters of recommendation from science instructors.
  3. Applicants who are Oklahoma residents are given priority consideration.
  4. Completed application.

Other Recommendations

We strongly encourage students planning a career in dentistry to actively participate in volunteer and community service organizations. In addition, practical experience in the field of dentistry or medicine is desirable.

Pre-Dentistry at Oklahoma City University

Pre-dentistry is not a major at Oklahoma City University. While in theory you could major in any area, most pre-dentistry students major in one of the sciences.

At Oklahoma City University both the biology and chemistry departments offer majors that are well-suited for pre-dentistry students. The Department of Biology offers majors in Biology, Biomedical Science, and Cell and Molecular Biology.

In addition, through an arrangement with the Meinders School of Business, pre-dentistry students may earn a Minor in Business, which would provide a strong background in business and fulfills prerequisites for the Master of Business Administration degree. The Chemistry Department offers majors in chemistry and biochemistry.

Do You Have What It Takes?

This downloadable file summarizes the characteristics (age, sex, GPA, DAT score, etc.) of all applicants and matriculated students at the OU College of Dentistry for each year since 1989. Your biology professors urge you to read and become familiar with this document.


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