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Pre-Med Degree at OCU

Your pre-med studies are the foundation you'll build on when you enter medical school. OCU's pre-med program is a rare opportunity to work closely with our faculty in small classes, answer your questions in depth, and explore the research areas that interest you most.

Recommended OCU Degree:

Cell and Molecular Biology (B.S.)


General Biology*

Gen Chem I and II*

Org Chem I and II*

Physics I and II*

Any one of the following*: Cell, Genetics, Comp Anat, Histology, or Embryology

*Appears on MCAT, taken after Junior year. Click here for MCAT info.

MCAT Recommendations

1/3 of the MCAT is Biology. Take as much Biology as possible, including Micro, Genetics, and Biochem.

Medical Schools in Oklahoma

You Qualify for Financial Aid

If you have a 3.0 GPA or higher, you may qualify for Academic Scholarships from $8,000–$13,000 per year.

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