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Computer Science

The Oklahoma City University Bachelor of Science in Computer Science major gives graduates programming capabilities, a well-rounded knowledge of computer structures and functioning, extensive hands-on experience with workstations and microcomputer systems, and the benefit of an exceptionally strong foundation in the liberal arts. 

The academic strengths of the program are complemented by excellent access to computers and technology which include the PC and Apple labs, LittleFe and Raspberry Pi systems, and remote access to a supercomputer system. Additional computer acquisitions are made on a continuing basis to ensure student access to modern computing facilities. 

Oklahoma City University offers Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Master of Science in Computer Science degrees, as well as a minor in Computer Science.

Computer Science Degree Programs


If you score above a 22 on the ACT/1100 SAT with a 3.0 GPA, you qualify for: 

Academic scholarships from $1,700–$8,000 per year

Departmental scholarships from $3,000–$11,000 per year

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