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Montessori Certificate Program

As a leader in Montessori education for over 50 years, Oklahoma City University is now offering a 24-month program, with summer-intensive, evening, and weekend classes. It has been broken into 76, affordable, four-hour modules. Connect with us to learn more!

Spring 2023 Courses and Modules

Observations Materials and Project Class II 8 Modules ($480)

January 11-May 24 2023 • Wednesdays, 5:00pm-7:00pm

A: Introducing Your Project in the Classroom ($60) Jan 11 & 18, 5pm-7pm

B: Observational Styles: Running Record and Time Sample ($60) Jan 25 & Feb 1, 5pm–7pm

C: Observational Styles: Event Sample and Behavior Sample ($60) Feb 8 & 21, 5pm–7pm

D: Recognizing Learning Differences and How to Address Them ($60) Feb 28 & Mar 8, 5pm–7pm

E: Preparing Children to Move Up or Move On ($60) Mar 22 & 29, 5pm–7pm

F: Wrapping Up the Intern Project ($60) Apr 5 & 12, 5pm–7pm

G: Preparing for the Summer Break ($60) Apr 26 & May 3, 5pm–7pm

H: Course Review and Project Presentations ($60) May 10 & 17, 5pm–7pm

Spring Seminar 4 Modules ($240)

February 17-19 2023 • Friday through Sunday

A: Classroom Management Panel ($60) Feb 17, 4:30pm-8:30pm

B: Language Revisited ($60) Feb 18, 8am–12pm

C: Language Revisited ($60) Feb 18, 1pm–5pm

D: Music ($60) Feb 19, 8am–12pm

Montessori Certificate Module Map

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Register online using the form below.

Module registration closes Monday, August 22, at 5:00 PM. No refunds given after this date. A minimum of ten (10) participants must register for program modules to meet. Questions about the Montessori Certificate can be directed to Dr. Heather Sparks, Education Chair, [email protected], 405.208.5935; or Jennifer Bush, Director of OCU MTCP, [email protected].