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Celebrating 50+ Years of Montessori at Oklahoma City University

This program is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree or higher, though a bachelor’s degree is recommended. Students will take courses leading to American Montessori Society certification.

Required for American Montessori Society Early Childhood Certification: General Schedule

Summer 1 Classes meet Monday–Thursday, 8am–4:30pm

  • Montessori Philosophy I (2 modules)
  • Practical Life (8 modules)

Fall 1 Classes meet Saturdays, 8am–12:30pm

  • Montessori Philosophy II (3 modules)
  • Montessori Philosophy III (3 modules)
  • Sensorial (8 modules)

Spring 1 Classes meet Saturdays, 8am–12:30pm

  • Development, Evaluation and Support of Young Children (8 modules)
  • Math (8 modules)

Summer 2 Classes meet Monday–Thursday, 8am–4:30pm

  • Language (8 modules)
  • Cultural (8 modules)

After finishing the above classes, students complete a half-day internship 5 days a week in a Montessori 3–6 classroom for 9.5 months for their second year.

In addition, they attend the following classes:

Fall 2 Classes:

  • Fall Seminar: 1 weekend (Friday-Sunday)
  • Observation, Classroom Leadership and Parent Interactions I (8 modules)

Spring 2 Classes:

  • Spring Seminar: 1 weekend (Friday-Sunday)
  • Observation, Classroom Leadership and Parent Interactions II (8 modules)


For further information, contact:

Jennifer Bush Director, Montessori Teacher Certification Program Oklahoma City University, or (405) 208-5372.

For other financial aid, check with the Oklahoma City University Office of Financial Aid.

The Montessori Program at OCU is working toward accreditation by the MACTE commission and affiliation by AMS.

Oklahoma City University, in compliance with federal laws and regulations, does not discriminate on the basis of race, sexual orientation, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability or status as a veteran in any of its educational programs, activities, policies, practices, or procedures. This includes, but is not limited to admissions, employment, financial aid, and educational services. The University also expects vendors who provide employment opportunities related to the University to observe these policies and practices.