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Undergraduate Degrees in Education

Certification Areas
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education
    • Science Education
    • English Education
    • Social Science Education
    • Mathematics Education
    • Speech/Drama/Debate
    • Foreign Language Education
  • PK-12 Education
    • Music Education
    • Art Education
Contact Person for Each Department

Professor Tony Gonzalez
Vocal Music Education

Professor Judith Palladino
Speech/Drama/Debate Education
Dr. Laura Wilhelm
Early Childhood Education

Professor John Schimek
Instrumental Music Education

Dr. Lisa Delgado Brown
P-12 & Secondary Education

Dr. Mike Raiber
Instrumental Music Education
Dr. Elizabeth Willner
Elementary Education
Director of Teacher Education

Dr. Lani Garner
Vocal Music Education

Conceptual Framework

The Personalized Professional Teacher Education model was created to illustrate the concept of the process that moves the individual through levels of learning and personal awareness of their roles as individual, teacher and leader.

We view learning as an active, personal and cognitive process. This model illustrates the faculty commitment to responsive, individualized teaching. Candidates are actively involved in their own learning and continually assess and evaluate their own progress as they pursue their individual teaching goals. They acquire knowledge, skills, and experience while enhancing and refining the dispositions deemed appropriate for professional teachers as they develop their potential to become empowered individuals and educational leaders.

OCU Teacher Education Program

Teacher Education Program Handbooks

Certification Pass Rates 


Oklahoma City University Pass Rate for Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators2014-20152015-20162016-2017
OGET (General Education)83.3%94.1%92.0%
OPTE (Professional Knowledge/Pedagogy)100%100%100%
OSAT (Subject Area Test)80.0%87.%93.4%
OCU Overall Pass Rate for All Three Tests84.4%93.2%94.2%


If you score above a 22 on the ACT/100 SAT with a 3.0 GPA, you qualify for: 

Academic scholarships from $1,700–$8,000 per year

Departmental scholarships from $3,000–$11,000 per year

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