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Satisfaction of Completers (CAEP Component 4.1/A.4.2)

Graduate Exit Survey

This survey is administered as candidates prepare to complete their program.  They complete this anonymous survey as a way to reflect on their teacher education program, knowing that the feedback will inform faculty and other stakeholders. Comments can also be included. Both the numeric and narrative elements are used by the program to improve.

1: Strongly Disagree
2: Disagree
3: Not Applicable
4: Agree
5: Strongly Agree

PromptAverage of OKCU Prepared Teachers
1.I have strong knowledge in my content area.4.9
2.I can present content in a clear and meaningful way through a variety of instructional strategies.4.7
3.I am able to utilize technology to enhance student learning.4.1
4.I can assess learning in a variety of ways.4.8
5.I can use assessment to make adjustments to instruction and monitor student progress.4.9
6.I believe that all students are capable of learning.5.0
7.I have had field experiences that have allowed me to develop my skills as a professional educator.4.7
8.My field experiences allowed me to work with diverse students.       4.8
9.My field experiences allowed me to work with diverse faculty. 4.8
10.My field experiences allowed me to work with English Language Learners.  3.6
11.I have had the opportunity to work with students with disabilities. 4.9
12.My field experience and cooperating teachers were accomplished teachers.4.2
13.Professional education faculty have a thorough understanding of the content they teach.4.9
14.Professional education faculty valued my learning, assessed my performance, and provided appropriate feedback.4.2
15.Professional education faculty used a variety of instructional strategies.5.0
16.Professional education faculty utilized technology appropriately.4.2
17.I was able to evaluate courses and faculty. 4.6
18.I received appropriate advisement concerning my degree program. 4.3
19.I received professional development from a variety of sources. 4.7
20.I had access to appropriate technology resources. 4.4