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Impact on P-12 Student Learning and Development (Component 4.1)

Teacher Work Sample

This project is completed during student teaching, and serves as the capstone assignment for all education majors. Each student teacher thoughtfully and thoroughly develops a unit of study, teaches it to the students, and analyzes the results. The final step is in-depth reflection and plans for future professional development.

  • Factor 1: Contextual Information—Student teachers analyze the context of the community, school, and classroom, taking special note of the different learning needs of individual students.
  • Factor 2: Unit Learning Goals and Objectives--Student teachers utilize the Oklahoma Academic Standards, their teacher’s curriculum plan, and their knowledge of best teaching practices to develop learning goals and three different kinds of objectives for the unit.
  • Factor 3: Assessment Plan--Student teachers develop an assessment plan that is directly related to the goals and objectives and includes informal as well as formal assessments.
  • Factor 4: Instructional Design—Student teachers design the instructional unit, using their knowledge of research-based teaching and learning strategies.
  • Factor 5: Analysis of Learning Results—Student teachers compute, then carefully analyze the results of the pre- and post-assessments and other assessment measures from the unit. Analysis is completed for the whole class, but also for individual students.
  • Factor 6: Reflection on Teaching and Learning—Student teachers interpret student learning, describe insights on best teaching and assessment practices, and explain the implications of this experience on their future teaching and professional development.

OCU Teacher Work Sample Scores 2019-2020

F1F2F3F4F5F6TWS Score
Overall Mean1518




Total Possible Points15182118820100