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Secondary/P-12 Education

Secondary and PK–12 (pre-kindergarten through grade 12) education is a competency-based licensure option for students majoring in a discipline certified to be taught in the public schools. These majors can add teacher licensure to their degree by gaining admittance to the teacher education program, completing the required courses in professional education as well as a major in the discipline, and successfully passing the three certification examinations for Oklahoma licensure/certification.

Oklahoma teacher certification is a competency-based program with competency examinations in general education (Oklahoma General Education Test—OGET), professional education (Oklahoma Professional Teaching examination—OPTE), and the student’s discipline or area of study (Oklahoma Subject Area Test—OSAT ). In addition, the student’s competency is assessed by a portfolio demonstrating knowledge of students, teaching, and learning articulated through the Oklahoma General Competencies for Licensure and certification adopted by the Oklahoma State Board of Education as required by House Bill 1549.

Teacher education programs are developed in accordance with Oklahoma State laws and therefore are subject to change. Students are advised to consult with their education advisor concerning requirements or any change in requirements that may occur. Grades of D or F in major requirements are not acceptable and must be retaken.

Areas of Specialization for Secondary/P-12 Certification

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