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Student Oklahoma Education Association

Student Oklahoma Education Association (SOEA) is a pre-professional organization of undergraduate and graduate students currently preparing for careers in education. As a member of the Student Program, students are affiliated with the larger Oklahoma Education Association, an educational professional association representing over 40,000 members in the state. SOEA members are also part of the National Education Association – the largest education association in the nation and a major force in shaping the nation’s education agenda, with over 2.7 million members representing every state in the nation. 

SOEA is one of the largest student organizations in Oklahoma with local student programs at over 25 university and college campuses. Local chapters provide support with job interviewing skills, resume writing, brain-based learning, classroom management, cooperative learning and other vital educational information and issues. Membership in SOEA also provides networking opportunities with professional educators through the "Hook Up" program, where local SOEA and local K-12 associations work together to host professional development workshops and unite for special projects. 

Student Oklahoma Education Association is led by an elected executive board of student members who provide services, and representation within the OEA. Along with the State Student Organizer, who is a staff member of the OEA, the executive board hosts a fall conference and spring convention that focus on developing members’ communication and leadership skills, providing professional development opportunities, and allowing members to exchange ideas and express concerns with neighboring local SOEA campus chapters. 

 The National Education Association Student Program is the largest student voice in the nation and provides its 50,000 student members on over 900 college/university campuses across all 50 states with publications, services, and representation at the national level. When SOEA joins with over 40,000 OEA members and 2.7 million NEA members, we can truly improve the profession that we have chosen for our careers.

Kappa Delta Pi
International Education Honor Society

Undergraduates must have first-term sophomore standing (30 semester hours), a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and at least 12 semester hours in education courses programmed, in progress, or completed. Graduate students must have regular admission status, 6 or more semester hours earned at Oklahoma City University, at least 12 semester hours of education courses, and a graduate GPA of 3.25 or higher.


If you score above a 22 on the ACT/100 SAT with a 3.0 GPA, you qualify for: 

Academic scholarships from $1,700–$8,000 per year

Departmental scholarships from $3,000–$11,000 per year

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