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Student, Alumni, & Faculty Accomplishments

Student & Graduate Accomplishments

Student & Graduate Accomplishments since Spring 2018

Michael Rishell


Tourist Ennui in Eastern France,” “an American sonnet living in a 55+ community in Mesa, Arizona. Red Earth Review, Volume #8, July 2020.

A Crooked Crown,” “Autumn Abandons Eloy, Arizona,” “Gustav Freytag suggests a structure for a poetry reading,” and “New Jersey.” Red Earth Review, Volume #7, July 2019

“bus tickets back to Bayonne,” “side of beef,” and “Charles.” Dragon Poet Review, Winter 2018

Photograph, “Male Gaze,” Dragon Poet Review, Winter 2018

Jayne Shimko

Since Spring 2018, I joined Dragon Poet Review as an editor, had my short story “Sonata in B minor” published in the Fall 2019/Spring 2020 edition of Assisi: an Online Journal of Arts & Letters, and have become the Director of Content Strategy at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, overseeing the production of the Living Lutheran magazine and other storytelling projects.

Kelly Vincent

My first book, a YA contemporary, came on February 3rd. It's called Finding Frances and was published by The Wild Rose Press.

I also had an adult romance short story win third place in the Lake Covington SMOLDR Contest and it was published in their anthology (called Lake Covington, released February 14th). The story is called "The Lie That Binds". (Pen name: Kat Vinson)

Josh Wann


The Archetypes of ‘People You May Know’ on Facebook” Slackjaw

Wait, Michael Bloomberg is now ‘Mike’ Bloomberg?” Points in Case

Short Stories

Date MeP.S. I Love You

PreyGasoline and Grits


Greenwood Forever” Black Wall Street Times

“Dear, White Tulsa” Black Wall Street Times in print

Corpse Pose: Finding My Zen at the Yoga StudioGrattan Street Press

Inter-Generational Stupidity and the PandemicCalliope Crashes

“Recognizing Creative Wealth” Release Me, Greenwood Anthology forthcoming in print


-Growth directed by Michelle Cullom, produced by Black Jack Rewrite Company. Will premiere in August, 2020.

-The Incapables was directed by Michelle Cullom and performed at The Living Arts of Tulsa on October 19th, 2019 as a part of the Between Friends event curated by poet Quraysh Ali Lansana.

-Do You Even Want this Job, Karen?, Amazon’s Fiesta-AI Party Bot, and The Bath performed by the Black Wall Street Theatre company at Nightengale Theater, Tulsa, October 4th-6th, 2018.

Alysha Welliver is now represented by Samantha Fabien at Laura Dail Literary Agency.

Faculty Accomplishments

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Allison Amend

Lou Berney

Timothy Bradford

Kerry Cohen

Jeanetta Calhoun Mish