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Tuition & Fees

Tuition is $15,000 per academic year, or $7,500 per semester. Students can apply for financial aid and student loans through OKCU’s Student Financial Services office. Tuition includes the attendance of residencies, use of the library and computer services, and at-home studies, but not travel to and from the residency or housing.

During summer residencies, students needing housing can opt to stay in OKCU’s residence halls at a cost of $25 per night for a private room. Linen service is available. Residence halls will be available the day before the residency begins for traveling students. Meal plans will also be made available.

For the winter residency, the residency will be held at the Bricktown Residence Inn, in OKC. The cost of the hotel is not included in your financial aid.

Oklahoma City Options

A benefit of residencies in Oklahoma City is the rich array of places from which to seek inspiration around the OKCU campus. While residencies are intensive and meant to help you focus your work for the rest of the semester, we understand that sometimes you might need to step away to relax.

Some of the cultural and entertainment districts close to the campus include:

Several restaurants are within walking distance of campus; a favorite of local creatives is The Red Cup.