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Russian Immersion Program

STARTALK Russian immersion program

“Contemporary Russophone Cultures: Diversity and Community” • February to December 2023

The program is free for students and is funded through a National Security Agency grant for critical languages.

STARTALK Russian immersion program is designed for 42 students, grades 9 through college sophomores, who are interested in learning Russian. Students should have at least a "beginner" level in Russian proficiency.

The program has three parts:

* Pre-camp online classes starting in February

* Summer camp on campus and surrounding areas, July 9 through 30

* Online "Russian café" language classes, August to December

Students will be divided into three groups based on their level of proficiency, from “Novice High” to “Advanced.”

During the residential portion, students will be immersed in the Russian language and cultures of Russian-speaking regions. There will be four hours of language instruction every weekday and at least two hours of cultural activities (music, art, cooking, movie and game nights, etc.) in the target language. On weekends the students will go on field trips to Russian cultural sites in Oklahoma City and Tulsa (Russian café, store, museums with Russian paintings). In addition to language classes, students will have at least one hour of instruction in Russian art (in Russian) every week day.

Read more about the planned activities in the press release here or contact camp director Sabina Amanbayeva via email at [email protected].

To apply, please fill out this application form.

Russian immersion poster