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The Smokewood Institute for Young Writers

Welcome to the Smokewood Institute for Young Writers, an intensive two-week program of writing workshops, craft sessions, creative readings, and a culminating anthology of student work.

Our curriculum consists of a complete Introductory Creative Writing course. This 3-credit course counts toward our English major here at OCU.* Our course is taught by publishing college professors, with extra sessions that run in conjunction with the Red Earth MFA program. The next Smokewood Institute will take place July 9-22, 2017.

Class sessions and accommodations will be housed on OCU’s campus, in a summer camp environment. Beyond the classroom, we will spend time participating in creative outings through partner programs on campus and around town, including the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and the Oklahoma History Center.

We welcome serious students working in any genre, of varying styles. To be eligible, students must have completed at least their sophomore year of high school, and certain test scores and GPA may be required. For more information, contact Dr. Karen Schiler at

* This course is likely to transfer to other colleges for credit, as well, though it may not fulfill their specific English degree requirements.


We are no longer accepting applications for this year's Smokewood Institute. However, if you are interested in a half-day program on July 9, we encourage you to apply for the Smokewood Interlude, which includes an afternoon workshop, dinner with other young creative writers, and reading in conjunction with OCU's Red Earth MFA program. 

The Smokewood Interlude is free of charge. To apply for a spot, contact Dr. Schiler by June 9, 2017.


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