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Application & Admission

The Smokewood Institute for Young Writers provides programming that covers a range of activities and levels of participation. Some of our activities require simply an RSVP; other activities require an application. Some activities are free; others require reasonable tuition; in all cases the OCU English department, with the generous help of the Center for Interpersonal Studies in Film and Literature, shoulders the bulk of the expense. For further details of admission and cost involved in all 2018-2019 Institute Events, please see the information for each of the events below.

11/4/2018 - Smokewood Lunch & The Adolescent Novel: 1:00pm lunch and a discussion on the genre of adolescent literature, followed by attendance of an OCU production of Little Women at 3:00pm. Event takes place on OCU's campus. Cost: Free. RSVP required by 10/29.

2/6/2019 - Smokewood Dinner & Graphic Novels: 5:00pm dinner and workshop on graphic narratives, followed by screening of film Persepolis at 7:30pm. Event takes place on OCU's campus. Cost: Free. RSVP required by 1/29.

6/15/2019 - Smokewood Institute Day of Writing: 9:30am Writer's Welcome, followed by lecture, exercises, and workshop of student material. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided. Event takes place on OCU's campus. Cost: Free. Application Required: Please send a writing sample (2-3 pages of poetry or 5-10 pages of prose), along with a thoughtful email explaining who you are and why you want to attend (6-10 sentences). Address these to Dr. Karen Schiler. Applications considered through 6/8, but spots tend to fill up--we encourage early submission.

7/11/2019 - Smokewood Reunion: This event is open to all past Smokewood Institute event participants. 5:00pm dinner and workshop, followed by an optional reading with the Red Earth MFA program. Event location TBA. Cost: Free. RSVP required by 7/6.

Submit all RSVP and/or Applications via email directly to Dr. Karen Schiler: