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Apply to the Smokewood Institute


Admission into the Smokewood Institute for Young Writers is selective. We are looking for students who are bright and diligent, and this should be reflected in their application. The program is residential, thus we are also looking for students who are responsible and can handle themselves appropriately in a dorm. The cost is $300.

Scholarships for half-tuition ($150) are available. If you wish to be considered for a scholarship, please address this in a few sentences within your brief letter (#3 below) and explain why you believe you are deserving of one. The deadline for scholarships is JUNE 30.

The application process operates through the Concurrent Enrollment form for Oklahoma City University. Please prepare the following materials first, and then follow the link below.

  1. Download the Smokewood General Information Form. Complete it with your Parent/Guardian.
  2. Download the Smokewood Recommendation Form and provide it to your recommender. Politely explain to them that we operate on a rolling admissions policy; thus, while there is not a set deadline for their submitted recommendation, they should turn it in as soon as possible to ensure that you make the Early Registration fee and/or secure a spot in the program.
  3. Write a brief letter (200-350 words) addressing the Smokewood Institute explaining why you would like to attend, why you think you would be a good fit, and what you believe you have to offer a college-level community of writers.
  4. Prepare a writing sample of 5-6 pages, double-spaced. If you are submitting poetry, your poems should be no longer than 1 page each.
  5. Ask your school to email a high school transcript on your behalf. Your transcripts should include every semester of high school you have completed thus far. We recommend that you include test scores from the SAT or ACT, if you have taken these tests. Usually these scores will appear on your high school transcript.

Once you have gathered and prepared the materials above, compile them in one file (with the exception of the Smokewood Recommendation Form, which your recommender will submit independently). We prefer this to be a .pdf or .doc/.docx file. Submit via email directly to Dr. Karen Schiler directly at