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Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications

The B.A. in Mass Communications undergraduate degree requires 124 total credit hours for completion. Of those, 36 hours must be courses in the major.

Departmental Requirements

Courses in the major must include:

  • MCOM 1103: Introduction to Mass Communications
  • MCOM 1213: Mass Media Writing
  • MCOM 3013: Mass Communications Research Strategies and Skills
  • MCOM 4213: Legal and Ethical Principles of Mass Media
  • MCOM 4313: Senior Seminar and Portfolio Assessment

Mass Communications majors must complete additional hours in their chosen discipline:

  • Multimedia Journalism & Broadcast Production
  • Strategic Communications

Students wishing to study Mass Communications along with another degree can either double major or declare a Mass Communications minor, which is 18 credit hours.

Strategic Communications

Track Requirements

Course NumberCourse Title
MCOM 2203Principles of Advertising
MCOM 2313Principles of Public Relations
MCOM 3613Strategic Communications Writing
MCOM 3813Strategic Communications Planning
MCOM 4013Strategic Communications Campaigns


Two electives (6 hours), 3000 level or above, in the Mass Communications (MCOM) department.

Multimedia Journalism & Broadcast Production

Sequence Requirements

Course NumberCourse Title
MCOM 2003Multimedia News Reporting
MCOM 2343TV Studio Production I
MCOM 2443TV Field Production
MCOM 3313News Editing


Three electives (9 hours), 3000 level or above, in the Mass Communications (MCOM) department. At least one of these electives must be 4000 level.

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