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Minor in Modern Languages

Requirements for Modern Language Minors

The minor requires 18 hours in the same language, including the elementary courses. We currently offer Beginning and Intermediate -level instruction available on campus in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. Advanced language instruction in all languages besides Spanish will require some study abroad or transfer coursework. Alternately, there are recommended electives that may be counted toward a minor in a particular language (see below).

Spanish - Minor can be earned entirely on OCU's campus.

Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian - Minors can be earned but must be completed through study abroad or courses taken elsewhere.

Recommended Electives available at OCU

  • Critical Reading and Writing, taught by the English Department.
  • Literature respective to country where foreign language is spoken.
  • History of Philosophy respective to country where foreign language is spoken.
  • History or Political Science respective to country where foreign language is spoken.

    Minor in Chinese

    Required Credit Hours: 18


    CHIN 1113 Beginning Chinese I (3 hrs)
    CHIN 1213 Beginning Chinese II (3 hrs)
    CHIN 2113 Intermediate Chinese I (3 hrs)
    CHIN 2213 Intermediate Chinese II (3 hrs)
    Two elective Chinese courses (6 hrs)

    Minor in Spanish

    Required Credit Hours: 18


    SPAN 1113 Beginning Spanish I
    SPAN 1213 Beginning Spanish II
    SPAN 2113 Intermediate Spanish I
    SPAN 2213 Intermediate Spanish II
    Two elective Spanish courses


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