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Mathematics & Education Double Major

Major Requirements

Specialized Education Credit Hours: 38 hrs

Specific Requirements in Mathematics: 20 hrs 

  • MATH 2004 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 
  • MATH 2104 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II 
  • MATH 2203 Real Analysis 
  • MATH 3003 Linear Algebra 
  • MATH 3103 Algebraic Structures I 
  • MATH 3603 Advanced Calculus I

Specific Requirements in Physics: 10 hrs 

  • PHYS 2104 University Physics I 
  • PHYS 2141 University Physics I Lab 
  • PHYS 2204 University Physics II 
  •  PHYS 2241 University Physics II Lab

Specific Requirements for Education Majors: 15 hrs 

(All mathematics education majors must take the five courses listed below.) 

  • MATH 1213 Basic Concepts for the Understanding of Geometry 
  • MATH 3203 Probability and Statistics I 
  • MATH 3403 Numerical Methods 
  • MATH 3503 Discrete Mathematics 
  • MATH 3703 Advanced Geometry 

Competency Requirements for Math Education: 3 hrs 

All mathematics/education double majors must complete the Mathematics Major Exit Exam and the Capstone 

MATH 4993 Capstone in Mathematics

Professional Education Requirements: 25 

  • EDUC 2001 Introduction to Teaching 
  • EDUC 2203 Human Development 
  • EDUC 3113 Psychology and Assessment of Learning 
  • EDUC 4123 The Exceptional Child 
  • EDUC 4739 Student Teaching Secondary 
  • EDUC 4333 Methods of Teaching Mathematics 
  • EDUC 4663 Contemporary Issues and Culture of Education


If you score above a 22 on the ACT/100 SAT with a 3.0 GPA, you qualify for: 

Academic scholarships from $1,700–$8,000 per year

Departmental scholarships from $3,000–$11,000 per year

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