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Minor in Political Science

Requirements Credit Hours: 18
Three hours from Group A, B and C:

Group A

POLS 2613 Political Philosophy
POLS 4114 Constitutional Law
POLS 4313 Contemporary Political Theory

Group B

POLS 2513 International Relations
POLS 3013 European Politics and Government
POLS 3603 International Organization
POLS 3613 American Foreign Policy
POLS 3913 Politics of the Third World

Group C

POLS 2413 Legislative Behavior
POLS 3213 State and Local Government
POLS 3413 Power and Political Organization
POLS 3503 Elections Seminar
POLS 3513 The Violent Society
POLS 3713 American Presidency

Electives: 9 Hours

(Excluding POLS 1003, 2304, and 4103)


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