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B.S., Pre-Engineering Studies Scholarship 

Deadline: February 1, annually

This scholarship is a competitive, full-tuition scholarship awarded to an outstanding Freshman student who chooses to pursue the Oklahoma City University B.S., Pre-Engineering Studies / Dual Degree Program with Washington University in St. Louis. This award covers tuition for 6 semesters at OKCU and cannot be combined with other university scholarships.

An online application form is available here. The priority application deadline is February 1. The scholarship selection committee will assess multiple criteria including, but not limited to, ACT/SAT scores, grade point average, letters of recommendation from teachers or mentors, community involvement, and application essay. Interviews with selected applicants will be scheduled during the month of February and notifications will be made by the end of February.

*Students must have ACT Science and Math scores of 27 (or SAT Math score of 640), or have demonstrated proficiency in high school calculus, in order to be admitted unconditionally into the Pre-Engineering Studies program.

Interested in a pre-engineering scholarship?