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Psy.D. Application Instructions

Welcome to the instruction page for the OCU Doctor of Psychology: Clinical Psychology (Psy.D) Supplemental Application. All Psy.D. applicants must apply through the online PSYCAS application system CASPA (Psychology Central Application Service) AND submit an online OCU Supplemental Application. Applicant instructions and the link to the Supplemental Application are found on this page.

The 2019-2020 admission cycle will be available from August 1, 2019, through January 7, 2020. While the OCU Supplemental Application is available beginning August 1, the PSYCAS application will become available from September 13, 2019, through January 7, 2020. All application documents, including the OCU Supplemental Application, must be submitted no later than January 7th.

For information on the use of PSYCAS, please visit the APA’s helpful resource guide for students using PSYCAS found here.

The Psy.D. Program does not have admission and enrollment practices that favor specified individuals or groups.

Application Materials

In order to complete the Psy.D. Application, applicants must submit the following:

  • Completed PSYCAS Application, which includes the following attachments:
    • All Official Transcripts
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Resume/CV
    • PSYCAS Fee (determined by # of designated programs)
  • OCU Supplemental Application (a brief form; the OCU Supplemental App fee of $60 will be waived for all Psy.D. applicants for the 2019-2020 application cycle)
    • Official GRE scores need to be sent directly to Oklahoma City University (GRE Code 6543)

Supplemental Application Instructions

The OCU Supplemental Application may be completed at any time during the admission cycle (August 1–January 7), either before or after completion of the PSYCAS application.

All PSYD applicants must meet the admission requirements and prerequisites.

Steps to completing the OCU Supplemental Application

  1. After clicking the application link(at the bottom).
  2. Create an application username and password (this will allow you to save and complete the application at your convenience).
  4. Select term: “Fall 2020”.
  5. Select “Save and Continue”.
  6. Complete the application form, and follow any instructions on the application–you do not need to submit new recommendations (we use all PSYCAS recommendations).
  7. Have GRE Scores sent to Oklahoma City University (6543).
  8. Submit the application.

OCU Supplemental Application