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Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday: 9:00am – 5:00 pm

Summer Hours
Monday through Thursday: 9:00am – 5:00 pm

Closed major holidays and academic breaks


Heather Lunsford
Director of the School of Visual Arts

Exhibition Policies and Submission Guidlines

Purpose of exhibitions in Oklahoma City University (OKCU) Norick School of Visual Arts (SVA) Gallery are designed to enlighten students, faculty, staff, and the community; foster debate and discussion on a wide range of issues.

Proposal review process:
Proposals must be submitted to the Director of the SVA, Heather Lunsford,

Both internal applicants and external applicants (off‐campus groups) are encouraged to submit exhibition proposals for review six to twelve months prior to intended opening; including cover letter, CV, curatorial thesis and/ or exhibition description, artist statement for solo shows/biographies of curator and exhibited artists, images of work to be exhibited.

Once accepted, the proposed exhibition must be fully curated four weeks before opening.

A fully curated exhibit includes:
All Work considered for the Gallery must be original. Derivative works will be evaluated by the SVA director and faculty for consideration in the gallery and can be eliminated from the show if decided to be a possible copyright concern.

The Hulsey Gallery reserves the right to exclude any work of art from an exhibition. If a work of art is deemed inappropriate to the mission of Oklahoma City University, or is significantly different from the work of art previously represented, it may be removed from the exhibition.

Installation and de-installation:
The curator is responsible for both the installation and de‐installation of all artwork in the show. A stipend for preparatory and shipping services is negotiable.

Installation of signage and graphic needs:
To insure that the designer has time to design/plan/coordinate marketing and signage materials. The content for signage (including copy and artwork images used for promotion) must be submitted 8 weeks prior to the opening of the exhibition. The designer will need 1-3 high resolution images to create graphic content. Please send all the above needs to Heather Lunsford at

Any event, e.g. opening reception, artist talks, closing reception must be scheduled with Heather Lunsford. The SVA will host, at minimum, an opening reception with refreshments.

The SVA will always promote the show digitally (Facebook and Instagram), and may print show posters, cards, etc. at the expense of SVA.

Security and Insurance:
OKCU will give security and insure the exhibitions while in the care of the Gallery provided a detailed list of materials and condition reports have been submitted four weeks in advance for both individual materials and the overall value of the exhibition.

Condition reports: (receive upon acceptance)
The curator/or OKCU Art Department will evaluate and record the condition of exhibition materials upon arrival at the gallery, and re‐evaluate the condition of materials during de‐installation.

Incident report: (receive upon acceptance)
When notified about an incident in the gallery effecting the art or the facility, the reporting staff or faculty member will fill out an incident report as soon as possible.