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Current Exhibition

Light on the Horizon: A Selection of works from the Christian Keesee Collection

Now through October 13th

Featuring a video projection light installation by Chad Mount - “Meadow Rhythms“ with a grant from the Kirkpatrick Family Foundation (in partnership with Bright Golden Haze, Oklahoma Contemporary)

Recent Exhibitions

Undisclosed Image • Brenda Biondo / Carol Golemboski / Meggan Gould / Martin Venezky / Ariel Wilson / Curated by Andy Mattern • Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 11, 6–8 pm • Show: March 9 – April 9

Brenda Biondo, "Modalities 1," 49''x49'', 2019

This exhibition features five contemporary artists whose work questions and extends photography in surprising ways. The exhibition’s title is a nod to the influential book The Edge of Vision by Lyle Rexer, which presents numerous artists working at the boundaries of lens-based practices. In this time of ubiquitous images and familiar pictures, these artists find novel pathways to meaning through invention, play, and subversion of the medium’s long held conventions.

Carol Golemboski, "King, Queen, Knave," 26''x29.75'', 2019

Ocean Object • Sarah Fitzsimons • Opening Reception: February 14th, 5–7pm • Show: Feb. 12–March 6th

Jeff Dodd: 30 Years in Paint • Opening Reception: January 24th, 5–7pm • Show: Jan. 7–Feb. 7

Jeff Dodd: 30 years in paint

Stellar • Alumni Art Exhibition • Opening Reception December 5, 5–7pm

Stellar • Alumni Art Exhibition • Opening Reception December 5, 5–7pm • Nona Jean Hulsey Gallery • Oklahoma City University

Regarding the Discarded • A Site-Specific Installation by Carrie Dickason • September 15–October 17


Regarding the Discarded is a site-specific installation, evolving between September 15 - October 17 at the Nona Jean Hulsey Gallery of Art. Over the course of the month-long project, Carrie Dickason will work and engage with students of OKCU, in weaving locally scavenged and collected materials into a large, suspended, sculptural tapestry. Students are invited to bring materials that they’ve found or collected, to be physically incorporated into the project. Weekly workshops will include fundamental textile processes that will be employed in the construction (and could be incorporated into student’s own future works), as well as conversations about the interconnectivity between consumerism and ecological systems. The resulting installation will reflect the shared efforts of the students and community of Oklahoma City University.

Brenda Kingery: A Retrospective


Exhibit open July 8–September 6, 2019

Opening reception Friday, August 9, 5–7pm