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Internship Opportunities

Petree College of Arts and Sciences Internship Contract

Please download and complete the internship contract for all internships in the Petree College of Arts and Sciences. The completed contract must be filed in the Internship Office in Walker Center room 239. You can also scan and email the completed contract. 

The Distinguished Scholarships and Internship Office

The Distinguished Scholarships and Internship Office at OCU can provide information about national scholarships and internships as well as Oklahoma scholarship opportunities. Dr. Karen Youmans, the coordinator, offers advice to students on scholarship and intern preparation and assists students throughout the application processes. Learn more about scholarships and internships.

Career Services at OCU

The Career Services office at OCU offers a number of comprehensive services and resources to assist undergraduate, graduate students and alumni in their career planning and placement needs. Visit Career Services' website.

Oklahoma Scholar-Leadership Enrichment Program

The Oklahoma Scholar-Leadership Enrichment Program (OSLEP) is a unique intercollegiate, interdisciplinary program designed to develop the scholarship and leadership abilities of Oklahoma's outstanding college and university students. The program is sponsored by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and administered by the University of Oklahoma. For more information visit the OSLEP website.

The Washington Center Internship Program

Oklahoma City University’s partnership with The Washington Center (TWC) provides students with opportunities for full-time internships in the nation’s capital. The program provides a unique combination of benefits: a structured program for which students receive academic credit from Oklahoma City University; an extensive internship tailored to the interests of the student, whatever his or her major; and a varied selection of course work, lectures by national and international leaders, small group meetings with members of Congress, embassy visits, and workshops.

TWC maintains ties with thousands of organizations—governmental, nonprofit, and corporate—that can provide high-quality placements in the Washington, D.C., area. Internships run a wide gamut of interests and opportunities. The student selects from fifteen different thematically organized programs (for example, Congress, mass communications, NAFTA, business and information technology, law and criminal justice, among others). Internships are available for all majors, and the placement sites provide tremendous opportunities to work for corporations such as Merrill Lynch or Citibank; such government sites as the EPA, the White House Office of Public Affairs, Congress, or the Smithsonian; or mass communications placements at CNN or USA Today.

TWC offers internships year round. Students with a 3.00 GPA or higher may apply after the completion of their sophomore year and receive 9 to 12 hours of credit. The timing of the semester’s internship and the number of credits to be received must be preapproved by the student’s departmental advisor. Internships generally are assigned 3 to 6 hours of credit, TWC course work earns 3 hours, and the student may earn another 3 hours of credit for portfolio work assigned by a center supervisor and approved by the student’s departmental internship advisor.

TWC provides safe, attractive, and conveniently located housing in high-rise apartments in northern Virginia. Program supervisors counsel, place, supervise, and plan activities for interns during their semester. The center also offers students many opportunities to explore the cultural vitality of Washington. For information, contact the fellowship/scholarship coordinator at (405) 208-5127 or the director of career services, or find out more at the Washington Center's website.

The Washington Semester Program

The Washington Semester program is a cooperative arrangement between the American University and Oklahoma City University. Qualified students are selected to spend a semester in Washington.

Program participants study one of many offerings, including specialized semesters devoted to American politics, American foreign policy, peace and conflict resolution, economic policy, justice, public law, international business and trade, information technology and communications policy, gender and politics, the arts, and journalism. Full semester credit is earned through one of these offerings.

The purpose of the Washington Semester program is to provide an intensive inquiry into institutions and policy making which cannot be achieved within the traditional academic environment. Seminars and internships are integral parts of the program. Washington provides numerous opportunities for recreational and cultural activities. These include outdoor and indoor concerts, film festivals, plays, museum exhibits, and special events, as well as lectures, professional meetings, and conferences relating to all aspects of American life. For further information consult the political science department at (405) 208-5232.

Undergraduate Research at Oklahoma City University

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