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Meinders Energy Association

MEA’s Mission

The mission of MEA is to instill integrity for Energy professionals, to connect with one another, to advance their stature and to promote community wellbeing. 

“There is a huge gap in [energy] employment opportunities and a real need in the oil and gas industry and electric power generation industry to provide those kind of managerial and executive management positions. These educational opportunities, Oklahoma City University will provide these opportunities.”
—Dr. Steve Agee

The Meinders Energy Association is an educational environment that brings together the future energy leaders.

The activity of the Meinders Energy Association thrives within the heart of Oklahoma City, further, in the heart of the Energy Industry.  It is an accoutrement to the Energy Management and Energy Legal Studies degree programs of the Meinders School of Business.  Graduate students join to gain a hands on perspective of a modern, intuitive and innovative perspective of the Energy Industry.  With a plethora of educational, networking and social activities, students are constantly engaged in the intuitive skill sets that are propelling the careers of its members and creating lifelong friends and relationships.    

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