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Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

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The executive coaching package offered by the Meinders School of Business through a partnership with CDR Assessment Group, Inc., is for leaders who have the courage and commitment to get serious about personal growth. This process is an invigorating, eye-opening process that digs deeper—beyond traditional development methods—to get at what matters most about being the best. The breakthrough assessment tools fast-tracks the coaching process so that executives don’t waste precious time, energy or funds trying to develop in broad or non-productive ways. The package includes in-depth assessment and the preparation of an individual developmental action plan.

Part 1: Assessment

The Program Begins with In-Depth Assessment Using:

CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite®, a revolutionary tool that equips executives and leaders to dig deeper “beneath the surface” beyond external observations. The CDR 3-D Suite provides unique insight into a leader’s key strengths and development needs in the areas of:

  • CDR Leadership Character Assessment — reveals individual distinctions and measures leader acumen, vocational suitability or “best fit” roles, emotional intelligence, key strengths, and potential gaps or short sides
  • CDR Leadership Risk Assessment — measures and describes inherent risk factors and related behaviors that can erode performance and lead to derailment. Gone unchecked, these “risks” can drive even the most promising careers off track
  • CDR Drivers & Rewards (Personal Motivation) — describes a person’s degree of need (and aversions) for specific types of work, rewards and recognition, the optimal work environment, and culture preferred

Performance behaviors are visible to people, but the reasons behind them and the motivations for them are not observable. The CDR 3-D Suite describes individual propensities and provides a view of the “whys” behind these behaviors. This information sets the stage for more effective leader development, employee selection, succession planning, team building, and other key talent deployment and development initiatives. These insights help executives move forward faster to accurately formulate impactful action plans.

Part 2: Matching

Executives Matched with Certified Executive Coach

Coaching Process Includes:

  • Coaching Feedback Session — CDR 3-D Suite Feedback
  • Developmental Action Planning Coaching Session

Group Coaching Services

  • Group Coaching Feedback Session — CDR 3-D Suite Feedback
  • Developmental Action Planning Coaching Session
  • Minimum of 10 in a group


Objectives of Executive Coaching

Coaching Goals for Executive Clients

  • Strengthen interpersonal communications, increase trust levels, and promote supportive collaborative relationships
  • Understand personal leadership acumen and forte from an “inside- out” perspective
  • Clarify personal role in delivering results and accountability
  • Develop a clear vocabulary and dialogue to clarify others’ perceptions; enlist continued feedback and developmental support by team members and stakeholders
  • Improve an executive’s ability as a leader-coach, mentor, and development advocate for others
  • Manage personal behaviors and coping strategies productively and in harmony with core values, even during times of stress; recognize inherent risks and develop approaches to more effectively prevent missteps or derailment.
  • Demonstrate commitment, advocacy, and courage to enhance leader success
  • Understand their leader acumen and best strengths — including their strategic leadership perspective and their operational leadership capacity — and develop and leverage accordingly
  • Improve decision making and ability to make the right things happen
  • Form an accurate road map for personal development — i.e., the lens to focus on the things that matter and will make a positive difference rather than wasting time, resources, and energy on the things that don’t matter or that can’t be changed
  • To understand their leadership makeup from its internal sources linked to performance observations, team contributions, core values, business strategies, and goals
  • Heighten personal enrichment and satisfaction, improved camaraderie, renewal of team and organizational spirit
  • Develop a succinct action plan for development and growth with specified learning activities or projects and time frames.

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