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Leadership & Public Administration Municipalities Certificate

Conference Schedule

February 25-27, 2021

Agenda coming soon.

Content Outline

Management and Governance of Municipalities

This session provides information on the internal structure and operations of municipal governments, including a breakdown of the different forms of government in Oklahoma. Participants will learn the differences and similarities of roles and responsibilities of municipal officials from one municipality to the next. Additionally, a discussion will cover how to run a meeting, time commitments, and utilizing committees and boards.

Public Information and Communication

This session explores the interplay between government and the public at large. This includes campaign finance and public disclosure reporting requirements. Participants will also gain a basic understanding of Oklahoma’s Open Meeting and Open Records Laws. Next, the participants will discuss ethical considerations and how to engage in effective communications with the public.


This session will explore foundational concepts of employment law in Oklahoma. This will include overviews of the Fair Labor Standards Act, drug testing, sexual harassment, and labor relations. Additionally, participants will be exposed to the differences in at-will employment and the rights of governmental employees.

Land Use

This session will provide participants with an introduction to the complex world of land use. This will include the concepts of zoning and community/residential development. Concepts covered will range from municipal boards, code enforcement and the platting process.

Municipal Finance and Economic Development

This session will unpack the unique considerations of municipal finance in Oklahoma. This will include taxation and revenue discussions along with budgeting and purchasing. Participants will be exposed to concepts addressing internal operations of municipal operations including accepting donations, contracting, gift prohibitions, and the Constitutional debt limitations. Additionally, participants will gain an understanding of trusts, tax increment finance districts, and special development districts along with their utilization in economic development.

Negotiations and Conflict Resolution

Subject matter included in this module is based on the negotiation framework taught at the Harvard Program on Negotiation. The session will include activities, discussions and planned viewing of select video exercises designed for anyone who wants to become a confident and effective negotiator. Teaching segments will cover topics such as dealing with difficult people, planning your negotiation, evaluating your options and achieving your objectives both as an individual and as an organization.

Contact Information

Susan Winchester
Director of Learn to Govern Program